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7/24/2009 c1 7Genine
Yeah. I should've listend to the title.

I read it.

And by the middle I was like o.0.

The postive things I can say is that you put a sympathetic light into Angel's character, which I enjoy. And you have a great way of description.
4/21/2006 c1 3SithKnight-Galen
Now that is a very interesting take on that who relationship between the Negotiator for a city without a clue, the Girl who is less and more than human, and the fallen Angel. Very enjoyable to read, as well as to think about and draw other conclusions on for what was not said in this piece.
9/6/2004 c1 Ur2
This was beautifully artistic piece. I enjoyed your other works as well, please continue because you are a gifted writer.
7/2/2004 c1 esse
Telling this story from Angel's POV keeps it from falling into the trap of becomming overly sentimental. Your use of language while conveying emotion aslo helps. The way you introduced the start of the friendship between Angel and Dorothy as a "vengenful display of female bonding" is worthy of Jane Austin. As a rule any display of homosexual activity greatly disturbes me, You handled that scene very well as well providing a really effective analysis of Angel's character
6/27/2004 c1 Gemini

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