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for Seven Years of Marauding

10/7/2004 c19 La Conquistadora
I loved it. My favoraite part had to be when Lily did the purple ink thing. Update soon.
10/5/2004 c18 gold-reflection

Same person as skysong, here... silly me, forgot my password after my e-address was changed! lol, so I've been trying to review but its taken me a while... anywayz, back on subject, GREAT story, as usual. Love the killer broomsticks chapter, the broomstick hitting Peter, the way you write Sirius, the idea Madame Hooch was on a quidditch team, ok, all of it in general (*stops ranting*) WRITE MORE! SOON! SAVE ME FROM THE EVIL BOREDOM OF TOO MUCH HOMEWORK!
9/30/2004 c18 3GinnyGin
thank you! no more moronic lily! i hate that so much it annoys the hell out of me! thank you! anyway i have to go get rid off my hundred or so emails (i was gone for a few weeks) so update plz! hehe plz... that is so pointless and wierd with the z and the pl... it sounds like pulls... hahahahaha... i think i need a therapist...
9/30/2004 c17 GinnyGin
sorry i didnt review! i was so sick i couldnt talk and i could barely stand up, so you know... but im reviewing now! which is good and stuff! but im still sick so the review might not be so long it takes half an hour to read them anymore. wow, 3 chapters till 20! and 18s up now to, so im going to go read it and stuff
9/30/2004 c18 19Romulan Empress
Yes, this chapter was extremely similar to the Sorcerer's/Philospher's Stone, but that is okay. It is still extremely well written. I hate those Lily-afraid-of-heights fics too. And Peter with the broomstick... that was too funny.

Also, I hate to disappoint you, but I have never seen Friends. Sorry! And yes, Star Trek does get their names from the Roman legend.So, by your logic, you would be correct.
9/23/2004 c17 Romulan Empress
I loved the line, "I have to get dressed, you pervert!" That was too, too funny. Of course, the whole chapter, was good too. I just especially loved that. Update!

By the way, my name actally does not come from the founding of Rome. It comes from Star Trek, where there are two planets named Romulus and Remus. I have wanted to be a Romulan for a long time now. :)
9/22/2004 c17 18Miss Anonymous hp
I believe all my reviews for this story are the same, but I must always say it. I hope for some more focus on the Marauders and less on Lily! You know, it'll be so awesome if Remus or Sirius become quite good in Charms so that she has to compete with one of the Marauders (not James, he already has Transfiguration under his belt, and I would say Sirius because I always imagined Remus being the best at duels). Anyway, erm... that's just what I have to say. I'm a Marauders fan and not so much of a Lily fan, so here's to hoping more on the boys soon!
9/11/2004 c16 Ryder
awesome fanfic! I love reading them, and they are _very_ creative. Keep it up!
9/8/2004 c1 Cowgirl Up
Okay, you didn't have email up so I'm reviewing a sroty of yours that I'll admit, I have not read... yet. Anyways, this is in reply to the review that you sent about chapter four of my story. BE PATIENT!:) You're only on chapter four. Everything will make sense later on. Oh, and McGonagal gives Harry a "knowing smile" because... duhn duhn da! You'll find out later! I have 14 chapters up and a few more on the way so keep reading and you'll figure out all out! Not to be a meany but I can't find it in myself to spoil it for you. I know I've got quite a few mistakes in there *shame,shame* and I am embarrassed *blush,blush* but I'm a horrible speller and really bad at proof reading my own stories because I already know what it should say so I assume I'm right... like always! *cough* So anyway, happy reading and keep in mind that all of the confusing things will suddenly become clear later!

*Cowgirl Up*
9/6/2004 c16 skysong

I LOVE! your fanfic! It's quality work. Keep it up. You are very creative and have a great writing style, especially for humor. I especially loved reading the whole part in the hospital wing. WRITE SOON! What with the gazillion things on top of school that I have to do, reading your fanfic is one of the few things that can help me do something just for fun.

9/6/2004 c16 3GinnyGin
yes, i am a smart, faithful and favorite reviewer *grins proudly* hehe jamsie does need some sleep... go mme. pompfrey! and from now on it is completely neccisary for me to say go someone in my reviews for this fic, as seen above. lol that sounded kind of official... all well. i love that word. abso-bloody-lutely. i say that all the time and my friends think im craxy, im a canadian lol anyway update soon, and then i can review again and tell you go someone else! also, do you think you could check out my fic when you have time? i need ideas and i really love your fics so... please?
9/6/2004 c16 19Romulan Empress
Hello. This is a very funny MWPPL story and I love it. I believe that I am going to add you to my author alert list... there we go! Excellent job!
8/22/2004 c16 La Conquistadora
Okay I really dilike you right now! Cliff hangers are not my thing, but I'm really excited abut what will happen next! I really liked this chapter espically the thing with the Bats. Update soon
8/22/2004 c16 3GinnyGin
no, i dont really get bella confused with monica... but theyre both cool :D lily's cool to :) so's sirius. and... well everyone really. except for peter. he sucks. lol well anyway update soon please :)
8/14/2004 c15 Blahness
that was very good make sure you review soon and your other one to
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