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for Seven Years of Marauding

7/23/2004 c12 Drusilla S. Silvers
Letting you know- This is going on my favourites list.

Wine and vanilla,

professor Drusilla S. Silvers
7/23/2004 c11 Drusilla S. Silvers
Just saying- Love James here. He's sort of like me- 'Bet you a Galleon she tells him to buzz off'. So cynical. I'm proud that you could do so well in the art of pessimism. =). Great job.

Wine and vanilla,

Professor Drusilla S. Silvers
7/21/2004 c12 ShadowFire2
hehe...Snivily is going to be so cute...Great chapter! I still can't think of anything intellegent to say. Painting a house does that to you. Update soon!
7/20/2004 c11 ShadowFire2
Amusing. I don't mind Sirius getting tortured slightly (everybody needs it). Um...I an't think of any great thoughts right now so...update soon!
7/20/2004 c12 6eiramy
mehe :) ...i can't wait to read the part where snape is pranked...update soon!
7/17/2004 c11 3Xinia
Excellent! That was amazing...I enjoyed it thoroughly. And no, I didn't think you were too mean to Sirius...You're story is very interesting - very captivating to say the least. Keep it up!

PS: If you don't mind, maybe you could check mine? It's also L/J - I find it interesting to see what other L/J authors think...well, keep writing, will you?

7/15/2004 c10 ShadowFire2
EXCELLENT! This is proving to be just the kind of maruaders story that I was looking for. I'm SO glad that SOMEONE one this godforsaken site has enough decency to not like slash. I'm SO sick of accidently reading it...Update soon!
7/14/2004 c9 ShadowFire2
I can't wait to see that. This is probably as good as anything Rowling could do. (in acuality she would most likely make them all disterbed in some way but I find normal people far more interesting (yes I am very annoyed about the last book)) Update soon!
7/12/2004 c9 Drusilla S. Silvers
Wow, well done. Can't really think of more to say.

Wine and vanilla,

Professor Drusilla W.l. Silvers
7/11/2004 c9 fridgetzrkewl
I love your Fanfics! They are wonderfully written with a hiiden sense of humor.
7/5/2004 c8 ShadowFire2
This is looking REALLY good. I can't wait to see what happens. Truthfully, I got POed at Rowling 'cause she killed Sirius and it's nice to see something like this! (btw there are WAY too many slashs in the world please don't make this one) Update soon!
7/4/2004 c8 Marie
Oh my goodness! this fanfic is the best! i always wondered what james's and lily's years in hogwarts was like! and it's exactly what i imagined! please keep writing more! i am now your fan of your writing! the anticipation is killing me already!
7/4/2004 c8 Jess
I thought the story was great and really accurate i can't wait for the next chapter!
7/4/2004 c5 Spilled Milk
I don't know why this story got so less reviews. I mean, it's actually really good! And also, this chapter was kinda short. But that's okay! It's really interesting. Not your usual James and Lily story.
7/4/2004 c4 Spilled Milk
This is good. That part I liked best was "...a rare smile..." that definitely made me smile. And also the part about "Lil" and that last sentence.
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