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for Seven Years of Marauding

5/1/2005 c2 4goth hamster
always the best EDJ!

-goth hamster
4/7/2005 c3 Reader4ever
Very interesting :D! Isn't it the fifth year prefects who lead the first years? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I read too many wrong fanfics. Keep up the excellent story!
4/7/2005 c2 Reader4ever
It was okay. The sorting cermony was a little too long. Keep up the good work :)
3/22/2005 c28 3GinnyGin
Umm, wow. This is GinnyGin, aka blink gurl017. Im sorry, I dont know why I kind of abandoned this fic. I never got any author alerts, then I came to check and see if youve updated, and BAM! Chapter 28! I just reviewed to tell you Im alive and Ill try to read this fic soon, and leave a review or 2 or 3 or 4, cuz I really love it! So sorry for disappearing, ill ttyl!
3/22/2005 c28 2MeadowRunner
Sorry about that. I don't visit HP websites that often. I like this chapter alot. Especially Nixie. She reminds me alot of Dobby.
3/18/2005 c28 Harry Lvr
Yay ur back! Been wondering where u went for a while there...not that I was here actually (I review as Tash btw in 'Summer') cause I had exams but THEY'RE OVER! So now u have to actually update or risk rotten food being thrown from Oz...
3/18/2005 c28 2you-don't-understand
i love this story. but is your real name elladora? and also, how did you get your profile to come up? mine won't appear! *sob* my favourite marauder is james. i love black hair! much better than mine. i like your other stories- especially crazy chats! please update that soon!
3/17/2005 c28 ThelovelyladyLily
Good chapter, I found out that one of my friends has a brother called Remmy, I only remembered it when I re-read this. Anyway, to the chapter. I particularly liked this part:

“I take it you made the team then?” grumbled Remus, staring bleary-eyed down at James. “Or did you and Sirius just suddenly get the urge to act like complete dolts? I mean, more dolt-like than usual.”

It was very funny, I also liked this: “Tickle the what?” exclaimed Remus, rather startled.

“Tickle the pear,” repeated James.

“Why?” asked Remus suspiciously. “Last time you told me to mess with one of the painting, it ended up shouting insults at me for a week!”

James grinned wickedly. “That was a rather funny—“ “Oh bugger,” groaned Sirius, pushing past Remus, “if you two are going to stand here forever and argue over why or why not Remmy should be tickling a bloody pear, I’ll do it myself insults or not!”

I liked this chapter, very funny even if it was short. I'm sorry if anything I said didn't make sense, I got hit in the head with a football today (not that it's really relevant) Update soon!
3/17/2005 c28 2Auramistealia
yay! the kitchens! Poor house elves. I like Nixie's name. Poor Lily. Poor James, since he has to deal with Lily's temper! *muahahaha!* Methinks school is wearing down us all... thanks for updating!
3/17/2005 c28 5Black Emerald Dawn
lol! I really do wonder wether they'll ever see Sirius outside the kitchens! :P Great job!
2/27/2005 c27 VixenMage
Hey cool story i'd say more but there's a tv calling my name & u can tell i don't have too much time by the way im not writing a long obviously fake email adress g2g once more cool story i like the marauders i'll write a better review l8er promise g2g
2/27/2005 c27 M.E.R Lupin
*Jumps up and down*

Well done on the chapter. I wish I was able to write stories like you.

My favorite line has to be this:

~Sirius shook hands with her and went over to stand by James who was still whooping incessantly over the fact that Sirius and himself were teammates.

Thats the funniest and I could imagine Sirius and James acting the same way they do in the story.

Keep the chapters comming. Please. Me like chapters. Me am a chapter liker person :D

*bounces around and dances on the ceiling*
2/22/2005 c27 Harry Lvr
gotta luv the quidditch...well, its not my favourite chapter but its still good - and I love the characters, escpecially Shev (the name thing based on Tonks by any chance?)...and I love the ending...well, I would if I had any chance of reading the next chapter straight away the moment your just teasing me :P
2/19/2005 c27 2MeadowRunner
If anyone doesn't like Quidditch I think I'll have to hunt them down and skin them. Want to help? ANyway, I love the Qidditch tryouts, I love really well described action scenes like that. TAmora Pierce is really good at writing about that sort of stuff too, don't you think? JK is that bad either.
2/19/2005 c12 MeadowRunner
I can't believe it. I am in shock. I was in your story! Just my first name though, I doubt anyone has ever heard of my last name. BUt stil, I hardley ever see my name. Thank you even though you probabely didn't even know it was my name. Yahho! I like your story still.
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