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2/19/2005 c9 2MeadowRunner
One question: I read Summer with the Arrogant Prat and there was a girl named Monica in it. Is she in this story? I like her better than Bella unfortunately.
2/19/2005 c4 MeadowRunner
Two things to say: One, James Potter was a SEEKER, not a CHASER, because in the first movie, Ron says to Harry, "Harry, you never told me yor father was a seeker!" and then Harry replies,"I didn't know." Two, I don't think you made Prof. McGonagall strict enough. THe second one is just an opinion, but the first one was not. Sheesh, I have told so many poeple that, I am getting tired of reading about James and Lily, but since I like the gentle plot of this story I'l give you another chance.
2/19/2005 c27 ThelovelyladyLily
Me and my friends just happened to be speaking about Monty Python in maths the other day, one of my friends has never seen Holt Grail! -gasp- To the review. I particuarly liked this part:

The first week of lessons passed rather uneventfully and yes, thankfully, Madam Pomfrey had cured Lily of her speech impediment with no ‘major’ side effects. The minor however… Every once and a while, Lily would start spouting out backward words again, usually when she was answering a question from a teacher. Most embarrassing, but Madam Pomfrey assured her the jinx would run its course by the next week or so, and Bella made sure to kick Sirius hard in the shins every time Lily happened to start speaking backwards. And, of course, sometimes when Lily wasn't speaking backwards at all.

That was funny, I'm so glad Bella made it! I knew James would and Sirius probably would too.. I liked Shev, he sounds like a Cedric Diggory type of character. Good chapter, update soon!
2/18/2005 c27 5Black Emerald Dawn
Well... I guess it was pretty obvious who was going to make the team... but who cares! It was great as usual so keep on going! :)
2/13/2005 c10 1Serena van der Woodsen
I think everyone is entitled to a few titchy chapters...I know I've had more than my fair share (so say my reviewers)


~"Bella you are looking gorgeous today as always," Sirius said brightly.

"You don't look too bad either," commented Bella glancing sideways at him.

Sirius grinned a sort of "don't I know it" sort of smile before saying, "Did you know I come from a very good-looking, very rich family?"~

Good God, Sirius! What a way to get a woman! If it were me, I'd smack him!


Ohh, Lily...Sirius will never love /anyone/ as much as he loves himself.


Tsk! Boys! They always fight...I hope my children are girls. Boys scare me.

Well, it's..1:56 in the morning, and your story saved my sanity. I'm going to bed now.


Much Love,

2/12/2005 c9 Serena van der Woodsen
Hehe...I'm not much a fan of slash either. I read one once. Not so..nope, not good at all. I guess it was well-written, but the idea of Sirius and Remus thank you.


~"Ah! Bliss!" said Sirius brightly~

Something is so strangely funny about the phrase "Ah! Bliss!"


An eleven-year-old swearing? tsk! Wait...let me think...nope, i was 12 when I first swore (yeah big difference)...not counting in second grade when me and my sister chanted the "eff-word" in the back yard...we didn't know it was a bad word! God times...


WOW! You write Dumbledore very very good! I can picture him saying that in Ms. Rowling's books! Very nice!


Ooh! Conspicuous...good word.


~"Professor," said Sirius in a loud charm-filled voice, "You are looking ravishing today, may I call you Minerva?"

"No Mr. Black you may not!" snapped Professor McGonagall.~

Oh, God...that's just too much! Sirius is such a...


Hehe-you rang...Once again, Sirius


HAH! PREVIEWS! TEN POINTS! (for you, that is)

Gasp is right! I was going to stop for the night, but I might just read one more...

Much Love,

2/12/2005 c8 Serena van der Woodsen
I know, it's been terribly long since I last reviewed...SORRY!


Eew...apricot jam? Apricots are gross. My mom has a thing where she buys these dried apricots and eats them as snacks (I was blessed with a health-nut mother who took a health course in college). Disgusting.


~James’ glasses flew off and into Remus’ open hand.

Remus put them on, batted his eyelashes, and said in a high voice, “Oh I’m James Potter! According to Lily Evans I have no interests beyond Quidditch and myself!”

“Give me those!” grumbled James lunging at Remus.

Remus dodged him and James yelled, “Accio glasses!” and the glasses flew off of Remus and into to James’ hand.

“That will teach you to mess with the fabulous James Potter!” said James triumphantly.

“Fabulous?” said a cool voice, “Now I think you’re pushing that a bit far Potter.”~

HAHAHAHA! Très bien, mademoiselle! C'est amusant! Sorry, French thing. It was a compliment.


~“Not really Professor. I was just asking Lucius why he keeps his hair so long. I personally think it makes him look like a girl.” ~

You put that in a review's very funny.


On to the next chapter.

Much Love,

2/4/2005 c26 M.E.R Lupin
I really like your story so far and I can't wait to read more of it. I have read all 26 chapters and I have laughed and cried, sometimes at the same time. You are amazing and talented and I look forward to reading more of this story and your other ones.

Keep it up!
1/31/2005 c26 Harry Lvr
luv the humour, I'm still laughing at it! Great chapter, but can Sirius work out the werewolf thing soon cause its really bugging me. Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Just for me? lol

keep it up and update soon!

Harry Lvr
1/30/2005 c26 CAD386

Yes. Make Bella kill him. Or something.

1/30/2005 c26 ThelovelyladyLily
Lovely chapter, but before I begin my review, some quote: 'Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.' 'Now go away before I insult you a second time' 'A shrubbery!' That movie cracks me up, sorry about that, you said something was from Monty Python so I had to do my bit. I particularly liked this part: “-And then at two o’clock I met with a man named Edward about buying some of his memorabilia-“ “Yes,” replied Lily, still writing and already starting on her second sheet of parchment.

I basically liked all the ramblings of Professor Caradoc, so funny. I liked the backward jinx, 'I hate you, you horrible git!' very funny. Good chapter, Update soon!
1/29/2005 c26 concrete13rose
Jeez wasn't it a bit much to make Sirius so horrible to that 1st year girl? You make him sound more like SNAPE than Sirius.

1/29/2005 c26 5Black Emerald Dawn
lol! GO SIRIUS! keep going :)
1/17/2005 c25 Clara
I love your story, i check to see if it is updated almost every day. Please, do not quit anytime soon, and an even bigger please, update often! ;)

I don't know of an area that you could improve in... I'm not a writer... It's just a pleasing story!
1/17/2005 c25 CAD386
Aww . . . poor Remus! Be nice to him, make the marauders find out and make him HAPPY!
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