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1/17/2005 c25 Harry Lvr
Hey! Great story! I started reading 'Summer' on mugglenet but there wasn't enough there so I came on here and now I'm hooked on all your stories! Update soon! They crack me up! Well...not this chapter...but it was still a great chapter. Make sure you say when u finish ur book...I really want to read it!
1/17/2005 c25 5Black Emerald Dawn
Poor Remus...:( Please update again soon!
1/17/2005 c25 ThelovelyladyLily
Lovely chapter, I liked the whole werewolf bit, it was very well described, I liked the part where Sirius said: “Bite my head off why don’t you,” Lovely pun. Great chapter, Update soon!
1/7/2005 c7 1Serena van der Woodsen
-Clasping her hand in mock bravado he said triumphantly, "Dear Lily! I, Sirius Black, have restored your honor by attacking the accursed Severus Snape!"

He bowed low and then left skipping like a girl after James.

"In case you have no idea what Sirius just said," said Remus Lupin rolling his eyes as he popping up next their table. "He dumped Snape's own potion on him because Snape called you a Mudblood. We just couldn't take that lying down. So Sirius volunteered to do the dirty work."-

Heh heh... very eloquently put.

-"You didn't have to that you know."

"Do what?" asked James confused. "Eat that last scoop of potato?"-

Yes, James eat that last scoop of potato... sounds like my brother.

-Sirius as James changed the subject to the topic of more pranks to pull on that git Severus Snape. Or should we say Snivellus?-

Yes, we should. I laughed.

-She sighed. "He was so sweet helping me in Charms yesterday and he's really smart and funny too!"

"I think we've lost her," said Bella giggling as she dodged another pillow.-

You've got to admire a woman who can be daydreaming about a guy and throwing pillows all at once. ((smile))

-"Evans. Fiery red hair? Great in Charms? An exploding bomb?" said Sirius-

Hahaha! So true...

-"Well we should go to bed so as not to disturb Jamesie anymore," said Sirius in a singsong voice before lying down on his bed.-

Ooh man. I would HATE him! He's so antagonistic! I love your version of his character! Hilarious.

Well, that's all for now. I'll read the rest in the morning. I'm going to sleep... after I write for a little while... does Vernors have caffeine? No. Well, that sucks. I have to go find caffeine so I can stay awake for more than five minutes.

Love the story so far!

Much Love,

1/7/2005 c6 Serena van der Woodsen
Ad so it is... Snivellus is born.

So dramatic, aren't I?

Too tired... few more chapters, then off to bed.

Much Love,

1/7/2005 c5 Serena van der Woodsen
-You called your mum an ugly old hag?" gasped Remus.

"She was asking for it," said Sirius defensively. "She wanted to send me to Durmstrang! It's bloody cold there! No, Sirius Black will not freeze his arse off when he could go to the lovely warm school that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."-

Amen. I hate the cold. Michigan sucks.

Ooh. They met the slimey git! Funfun... what will come of this...

Much Love,

1/7/2005 c4 Serena van der Woodsen
-Remus gave him a withering look-

Hah! I knew I didn't make up that phrase! Ten points to me!

Chewing the end of his toast? Why do I find that hilarious? I have no clue! I dunno... makes the toast sound rubber.

-Lily didn’t seem James Potter or his friend something Black anywhere. Not that she was looking of course.-

Teehee... that's all I've got to say.

Much Love,

1/7/2005 c3 Serena van der Woodsen
I forgot to mention in the last chapter's review: Hestia Jones... I have heard that name before in other fics. What did it come from?

-"I agree," said James, sticking out his hand. "Let us agree to mutual friendship for the sake of our years being pleasant ones."-

oh... how formal. And cute!

Much Love,

1/7/2005 c2 Serena van der Woodsen

The hat had attitude! Lovely, lovely (picked a little something up from Rita Skeeter...oops).

Loved this:

-Ah," said the Hat quietly. "You're a clever, brilliant one like your father. (I always thought so.) Ah very brave (I try.)and proud. (Wow you've really got me down.) Lots of talent. (Aww I'm blushing.) Quiet Potter I'm trying to think!-

Off to read chapter... the next one.. three.

Much Love,

1/7/2005 c1 Serena van der Woodsen
As promised, I have begun reading this lovely fic. The excerpt in your profile was ridiculously funny. See? Tears? Eew salty.

-He stared at the floor forlornly."No one's tried talking to me yet."-

Lovely going. You've got me feeling sorry for the whelp. Is that spelled correctly?

Much Love,

1/6/2005 c24 5Black Emerald Dawn
LOL! This was a great chapter! plz continue :D
1/4/2005 c24 13BrunetteJedi
I loved it! That actually seems like sommthing Sirius would do - just start eating and forget that he was under the charm. Brilliant! Update soon please!
12/29/2004 c24 1magiclover53
Hey. Gotta say I really love your story. I read the whole hning in one sitting. And yes you really do gotta love Sirius the dreamy dolt that he is. Keep it up and update soon!
12/28/2004 c24 19Romulan Empress
I am trying to keep from bursting into uncontrollable, uproarious laughter because Mom is reading right next to me... I did not really succeed. I loved it- write more ASAP!
12/23/2004 c24 ThelovelyladyLily
That chapter was funny, especially the part about Remus's invisible friend. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! Bye!
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