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12/23/2004 c24 CAD386
Heehee! Giant purple billywig.

Incidentally, would the 'severed hand' in Sirius's Mom's closet happen to be the same one that a certain Draco Malfoy was interested in, in second year? In the shop that Harry accidentally flooed to in Knockturn Alley?
12/23/2004 c24 23I-Confuse-Everyone
Lovely chapter hehe! Yeah I found that bit about 'dear Aunt Elladora' (just cause I happened to be reading it as you said lol!) merry christmas!
12/20/2004 c23 CAD386
OOH, THIS STORY ROCKS! Remus is awesome. I hope that he gets a girlfriend! AND WHEN DO THEY FIGURE OUT HE'S A WEREWOLF?
12/20/2004 c21 CAD386
Ooh, Holly! Did ya get that from Artemis Fowl? Or do you have not clue as to what I'm talking abuot?
12/9/2004 c23 I luv this
I like this story but I found an error, in chapter 21 'Scenes of summer' Sirius ran away, in the fifth book when Harry is talking to Sirius and Remus they clearly state that Sirius runs away at the age of Sixteen. Just thought I'd point that out because you have a very entertaining story.
12/6/2004 c23 19Romulan Empress
Sorry about not reviewing last chapter. So the Reign of Terror begins. Interesting. I wonder if he would have started with something so flashy though. Just a thought. I loved the "Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee." That was too funny! Keep typing; I look forward to the next chapter.
12/5/2004 c23 Constructive Criticism
A tad predictable with the prankage, but I guess that's the way of Everyone rips of everyone, without even realizing.

Interesting with the Authoress thing. Still is sort of weird, but as it's not actually part of the story, I should keep quiet.

Just as your reply, my review is going to have to be a short one. See you next chapter

- offering Constructive Criticism to authors all around the HP fandom
12/4/2004 c23 Tri
Yay! A new chapter! o, and i completely forgive you about the whole gay couple thing. :) Awesome chapter, especially the end of it. lol. Loved it! please update soon! :D
12/3/2004 c23 8Juliet Deveraux
Hello, that chapter was good, I loved the slapstick humour, if that's what you would call it in this chapter, I think there was an error in the part of the chapter when James is talking to Frank. Please update soon!
11/20/2004 c15 MissPadfoot92
GO BATS! *squee*
11/20/2004 c14 MissPadfoot92
I'm REALLY sorry. I've been trying to review forever but the reviewer thingy was busted and I couldn't email you either (I'm reviewing from a different computer now). OK, back to the point...

I REALY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE your story. It's one of the best marauder stories! *squee*

The only down side is that you keep injuring my Siri! Gr...

And another thing: Who IS your favorite marauder? Or do you just like Lily? I can't tell.

Your dedicated reveiwer (if I can get MY computer's reveiwey thingy to work),

11/17/2004 c22 La Conquistadora
Well I got what I wanted. I seen to get that from poeple. Ah woe is me. Don't know why I typed that. Any way short chapter not that great. Parts were good and you set up a Remus thing which I liked. And yes poor Remus. I hug Him.
11/16/2004 c22 Constructive Criticism
So we 'speak' again, then? Very well. Hello, how are you, hope you're ok, I'm good too, all of that meaningless small talk. Out of the way.

Congratulations on actually considering my advice and changing the age of Andromeda.

And as for the other age thing, I am simply stating that just because a person is say 11 years old, doesn't mean they want to read only about 11 year old characters. I for one, prefer reading about 5th years onwards, but am not 15. And Rowling's books are read by such a wide range of people, from 8 to 80, that it's really quite unfair discrimination. People should be able to do whatever they want in fanfiction, because that's what it is. FAN FICTION. Although I am not a fan of slash, I don't hate slash authors just because they write things not to my taste. It's their choice. They can do whatever they want... and people will comment, but to hell with it anyway.

Now, about me refraining myself from insulting your reviewers... well it all comes down to whatever I was saying before. We all have the right to an opinion, and my opinion of them is unbelievably low. I'm not going to try and hide my dislike for their little comments.

As for people reviewing with 'Very good. Please update,' these comments are meaningless and give you no help at all, so I will not be doing that ever. Reviewing is meant to help the author, not just feed his/her ego. Well done for agreeing.

Since you asked so nicely about me telling you what parts of the story were actually GOOD, I'll try. I don't usually do that, I focus on the bad stuff because that's what needs fixing.

I DID like how convincing Sirius' 'performance' to Mrs. Potter would be. And it's good that you did a bit of research trhoguh fantastic beasts, instead of just making up your own.

One final thing. Why do you write Authoress' note instead of Author's note? I realize that this is meant to be a feminine version of AUTHOR... but it makes no sense to me. Author is a non-gender based word that does not in any way imply either that the person is male or female. It's a word used for both, like the word PERSON. It's like writing PERSONESS, just to seperate yourself from general PERSON status. I find it quite weird. Do you have any specific reason for this way of writing?

- offering Constructive Criticism to authors all around the HP fandom
11/16/2004 c22 ThelovelyladyLily
This chapter was so funny, I liked how you had Remus reading the book about werewolves, it makes it a little more obvious that he is one himself. I know that reviews saying "Absolutely wonderful and superb" is not that helpful but I dont have many ideas at the moment, I'm still working on my fic. Please update soon. On ALL your fics. And may I say to constructive criticism whose review I read, as a review is an expression of our opinion and authors ask us to review then I am allowed to express my opinion. Without people expressing their opinions we would

not be where we are in society today. Thankyou for th lovely chapter and goodbye.
11/16/2004 c22 Melody
I really like your fanfic! I started reading it about 2 days ago. Anyways, I can't really find many fanfics on the marauders that I like but I really like this one! Please write some more soon!I would write more but I can't think of anything yo say so... Bye! Try to post the next chapter soon!
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