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for Ferus Ningues!

10/27/2004 c5 2YuliaVolkovaROX
Awesome, man! I'm not really imaginative when it comes to names or new spells... but you have pulled it off - and not a single mary sue in sight!

7/12/2004 c5 1Tintalu
Woot! Good few chappies, my update thingymabobber isn't working apparently...muffins.

Hehehe...Go Fleur beating up on him, even if she is an arrogant twit at times. Woot!
7/2/2004 c3 7Kasoula
good wrap-up 2 the fic (i'm assuming ur not writing more). i like the description of the castle/palace (same difference!) it does seem that Madame Maxime would accidentally knock out a cherub w/ her hands, doesn't it?
7/2/2004 c2 Kasoula
woah! koolies! Fleur has a really funky power! ur really good at this fanfic stuff (which is more than i can say 4 myself)
7/2/2004 c1 Kasoula
hey Vamp! luv the 1st chapter. it's very cool, i definitely like the idea! and btw, i registered jst 2 be able 2 review, so there u go!
6/30/2004 c2 1Tintalu
Woot again! Good chappie. Hm, its not showing my review from your last chapter for some reason but oh well. Why does a small Veela girl have acne? I must know!

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