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for Painted Wings

12/20/2005 c1 7q.thews
I'm surprised.

As HP live and all of his story have place in Great Britain and JKR and the majority of fanfics author let us see the sea so few time.

In my months of fanfic reading (ad i'm reading a lot, maybe even too much) i have see the sea not more than five times.

Ok, back to reviewing this: i liked it.


One last funny thing... i don't live near a sea and i don't even like it!
7/13/2004 c1 5Shadowface
"Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea, blee bloo blah blee dee dum dee dee in perfect harmony"

this is cool!
7/3/2004 c1 12Mikee
Being a big Puff fan, I wondered briefly when I saw "Cherry Lane," but dismissed it. Then, "Jackie Paper" came up, and I just knew Puff would be there soon. Well done. Loved it.


I do hope you'll continue it. It just begs for another chapter. Maybe Hagrid could make an appearance. I can just imagine his glee if he were to meet Pull. Can't you.?


Thank you for a cute story, and please do more.

7/2/2004 c1 4Wren Truesong
Wow. That was -lovely-, that was; I was waiting for that since I saw 'Jackie Paper' on the tombstone. A dragon and a hero... I'm glad Puff isn't alone any more. Thanks so much for writing this. ^^
7/1/2004 c1 7LdyKiya
i enjoyed this story. Puff the Magic Dragon was a childhood favorite of mine. I think it is interesting and I have never seen a story like it. It would be interesting to see what happened with Puff at Hogwarts...
7/1/2004 c1 no montagues and capulets
Puff. . . the magic dragon?

pure genius. thank you.
7/1/2004 c1 22OtakuLeader, a little bit, unusual story,but well written neverthieless. Is there to be more to this strange, but wonderful story? If so,will you also work on the other ones, like the one where Harry has tons of jobs, likes Ginny, has a dog..ect? Sorry I can't remeber it off the top of my head! Anyways, good job. Asholey T. 7/1/04 12:11 PM
7/1/2004 c1 hry pttr
good, butkinda weird. i didnt get it until i got to the part about honah lee, and then i had to dance around hysterically in jubilation. ok im crazy
7/1/2004 c1 12tansy1354
Well yes I will put it less crudely I am beginning too think you have far too much time on your hands.

Its nicely done and as I hadn't heard that song for a long time, I'll admit it took a few paragraphs for it to dawn on me.

It did have some nice lines in it, such as what was Harry called. Also the lines from the dragon about humans die, humans in pain and the pain is just a moment in time. ( I hope I am quoting that right)

Just one small thing it needs spell checking and grammar checking. Other than that let you imagination run free as you obviously have a very active one.

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