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5/13/2006 c11 17liloweewoah
hey girl! great chapter! I didn't catch any mistakes. You doing really good! And yeah I'll be glad give you feedbacks. Aren't those what friends are for? But you really did a great job with this chapter! Update really soon!
8/1/2005 c11 4XtremeDiva22
HOLA! Great chapter, i really hope it works out with Adama nd Erin, but the pairing of Erin/Jeff would be ionteresting to see as well. Update soon :)
8/1/2005 c11 13XxRocQstaRxX
Hey, i love this fic...alot of conflict, and i like it! can't wait for you to update !
7/26/2005 c11 11Disco Inferno1
Funny of you to mention Harry Potter. Have you finished it yet? I have—let’s talk if you have. Anyhow. . .“What in the seven levels of Hell was Matt thinking about?”—loved this line! Oh, does Jeff know what the same thing that Scott’s not talking about?
7/24/2005 c10 Disco Inferno1
Erin may be at odds with her father but she’s just like him—look at the way she dresses for example. :) Aw, Kevin called her. I wish she had listened to him, whether or she agreed—afterall, he’s her uncle who’s been there for her before. I loved Amy’s line after Erin hung up on him. Scott’s and Paul’s comments to Kevin after the phone call were great! I wonder what Scott’s not telling—I know you’re gonna tell us soon. Maybe? Please? No matter what you eventually decide to do with the story—I’m around to read it.
7/24/2005 c9 Disco Inferno1
Talk about Adam cutting his hair—he did trim a lot of it off recently. I love what was going on on the other side of the line with Erin—just to imagine that scene was well worth it from Scott’s pov. I have to second that—did I just imagine that or did Adam really kiss her? Well, I’ll really be getting on to the next chapter!
7/23/2005 c8 Disco Inferno1
Well, that seemed to be the argument to end all arguments. I wish they could see each other’s side in this. If they did, we probably wouldn’t have a story. She’s on her own now and I wonder what she’s thinking and if she feels like it’s really all it’s cracked up to be.
7/23/2005 c7 Disco Inferno1
I really don’t know how I missed four chapters. I remember this chapter but didn’t review—don’t know why about that either. Anyhow, chapter seven—well, at least she told him. Oh, btw, if she sneaks out to get food, why would she risk coming back in the front door—because SmackDown was on and she was going to go watch it anyhow? Alright, on to ch. 8.
7/23/2005 c11 7wyntertwilight
I've just read the whole story and I gotta say, it's pretty good so far! I think the plot is one that basically everyone can relate to at some point in their lives..overbearing parents are like a universal thing. I like how you use different POVs, it's quite interesting to get into the minds of different characters, so to speak. Erin and Shawn are both as stubborn as each other, so I don't see them making it up soon. I can guess what's wrong with Adam, haha. I'm looking forward to reading more!

(P.S. I don't blame you for your HP obsession, THE BOOKS ARE SO GOOD!)

(P.P.S. Are you going to update Closer? I hope you do, that was a fic I really enjoyed and it'd be great to see it continued!)
5/18/2005 c10 17liloweewoah
hey! great chapter! i read all the chapters and they were great! well as for where to take this story i think you should try to figure out when you want Erin to figure Shawn. But with Erin hitting Adam make it so that he stays mad at her for a while. But it's a great story! I love it! Continue soon!
5/1/2005 c3 3FaeryPrincess59
Hey hey,great story, absolutly love it. Keep it up! I love the tension between Erin and Shawn, and how she finally stands up to him.
4/30/2005 c10 7Shinebright-Starlight
Nice ch!
2/23/2005 c8 10babyxbxgurl
i woudld say i write an average level too... anyway i just wanted to say it would be kewl if you make another Randy Story... i think your a very good writer... that's why i'm gonna add you too my favorite list if i didnt add you yet... thanks for the review.
2/23/2005 c9 babyxbxgurl
I think it should be Randy and Erin because i'm sure they would make a cute couple... PLus i think Adam is married to someone else... Just make It randy and thank you for the review. I cant believe it's only Triple H and Ric in Evolution anyway update asap... cant wait
2/17/2005 c10 babyxbxgurl
cant it be Randy orton with her not Adam? Anyway update asap.
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