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9/14/2005 c10 6Chocolate Smile
Oh, I've just thought of something, but it appears you can't edit reviews, and there's only one per chapter-anyway, if it's entirely impossible for me to join the ranks of the Wolfwood Fangirls, I would love very much to lead the Midvalley fangirls. XDD; Thanks.

-9/14/05 (after my review of chapter eleven)
9/14/2005 c1 Chocolate Smile
Oh, I've just thought of something. It's a long story, but if it's entirely impossible for me to be among the Screaming Wolfwood Fangirls, I would absolutely love to lead the Screaming Midvalley Fangirls. XDD Thanks.
9/13/2005 c11 Chocolate Smile
I love it! XDD Sometimes it's almost like I can FEEL my brain spasming with the mental images. Beautiful.

I notice that someone else has already requested to be the leader of the Wolfwood fangirls...but I'd like to throw my lot in too. :D Pretty please?
8/14/2005 c11 5Faust IX
lol. great fic! If it's ok, may I be *ahem* "The Big Cheese of the Random Crowd of Screaming Dominique Fanboys"? Please? *chibi eyes*
7/9/2005 c6 7Bebop-angel1
Omg this is so great! XD...if you every get any Legato fangirls for character i wanna be one i wanna be one! @_@ *is a rabid LEgato hyper fangirl of detah and destruction..*carries around Tri-max Coffin leggy ploosh*
7/9/2005 c4 Miss Caribbean
that was not funny making fun of Knives like that. -_- meanie ;_; but other all funny yes. n_n
7/9/2005 c3 Miss Caribbean

Very funny n_n

(I liked the whole Knives fangirl thing, that was so hawt. ~_~)
6/10/2005 c11 Soul's Eclipse
Good lord, it's even better the second time I read it! And I'm happy with that idea on how Legato turned the frying pan to gold!
6/10/2005 c11 22ReadingWhiz89
I LOVE YOUR STORY! I died laughing a while back so I'm typing this review as a ghost. Hehe...

Anyway, please update your story soon! XD
6/8/2005 c11 4ChibiSess
You know, I had completely forgotten about this. XD I loved the part about the flamingos. And Knives burst out laughing at the same time as me. I have to pull the 'Inner Funky Monkey' thing at school. That was greatness. :B I'll be looking foreward to more, since this is getting updated now. The gnome patties thing was priceless. :D
6/8/2005 c11 Darksider415
Another excellent chapter, if I do say so, myself. It almost reminds me of the insanity of a piece I have in progress, but I digress. I especially liked the Volkswagen mention, but you failed to mention which model. It could have been the new, $60 Phaeton, for all we know, but I doubt that it will be something that comes up later. Remember that insanity is good, but there are limits to how much insanity can be used at once.

Thanks, and have a nice day,

10/18/2004 c10 asdfasfdasfasdf
This story is so random... I love it, lol. I don't suppose the position to be Head Fanboy of Domiqu'es Crazed Fanboy's is still open? I fo, could I please by Overlord MonkeyHood of Domique's Crazed Fanboys? ?
10/16/2004 c10 Sephiroth1Ripley8

^_^ Funny chapter.
10/15/2004 c10 Soul's Eclipse
Yay! That was fun!
10/15/2004 c10 ChibiSess
OMG! That had to be the best chapter yet! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE! I know too many ppl born in october... *Give Candy, a cake, figures off ALL the Trigun ppl* YAY!

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