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for Not Your Fault

8/25/2010 c1 Mwhahahaha18
This defiantly seems like it will be an interesting story...I really hope you come back to it soon...I'll defiantly read more of it!
5/28/2007 c1 Kuwabara lover112
Awesome fic XD. I know it's probably hopeless but could you PLEASE update? I really wanna know what happens next.
9/11/2005 c1 Katzztar
I was really interested in this.

I twas promising since it was well written and had Kazuma as a hanyou.

But it's been a year and no update. I guess this means this fic was abandoned?

I wish it wasn't.
7/14/2005 c1 3Leihko
I love this makes me cry though but nice writing style.

9/27/2004 c1 Melanie
...Geeze, I don't want to sound too excited, because, well, um...

But, wow. I'd really like to see where you're going with this! Please write more to this, and soon (if the soon is possible).

I may not be able to yet fathom how Kuwa-kun could have been chibi-tiger-Kuwa-kun, but I definitely think you've gotten the characters right. This definitely sounds like Shizuru's voice to me - resigned, reserved, bitter, but trying (as close as I can get to describing it, I guess ^.^; ).

Again, please continue this. ::puppy-dog eyes::
9/12/2004 c1 9Icefox1
Plz update this soon. I need MORE I tells you MORE!
7/31/2004 c1 Katzz
Please update! I like this story, the lot is a rare one. Kazuma as a hanyou or demon...we don't see that often
7/27/2004 c1 kitkat
how come i never left review here? this is great, full of possibilities.

Hope you update soon.
7/13/2004 c1 Neka
7/13/2004 c1 22Katzztar
o.O WOW! This seems to be promising. Is Kazuma a hanyou in this?I can't wait to find out more.

So he's part feline? hehe that would explain his affinity for cats, his orange hair, and other things..

I noticed that when Kazuma faught Mitaria his eyes went completely white, no pupil or iris, just whiteness. Also in the most recent DVD, when he's gaged, we see that his canines are larger, thicher and come to a point... both upper& lower canines,like an animal's fangs.

please excuese any misspellings, the 'puter I'm using has the review window half off the screen, so I can't see the type.
7/11/2004 c1 bit-Blackmage
I like where this story is going. I think that I have figured out the things to come in the second chapter. I won't say anything though. I know it's annoying when you want stuff to be a surprise and then one the readers happens to be a big mouth...
7/11/2004 c1 Keyo
Thats so sad i liked it i'm a fan of kuwabara he doesn't get enough good press please keep writing

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