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for I can't be your friend anymore

9/18/2006 c20 X5 946Lexa Mulwray
I love it please continue! It's got a really good plot!
7/12/2006 c19 melodie568
i hope brennan and lexa are happy for jesse and shalimar. i am glad jesse has feeling back in his legs now and i hope shal and jesse are destined for happiness but they may have more problems in the future. great chapter i loved it. for a second there i thought jesse was going to break up with shal.
7/12/2006 c17 melodie568
i am glad you got ur muse back and i am happy that shalimar decided to stick with jesse or atleast tell him about the baby great job
7/12/2006 c19 3Feral's Revenge
Okay, I really LOVE your muse right now! You're muse is officially a God and deserves a big cookie. Oh and, so do you. I think you can't just end this now, because that would be a load of horse poop. You've got to answer the aforementioned question, please!

WRITE MORE SOON! I'll buy you some cookies!
7/12/2006 c16 melodie568
i hope shal decides to stay with jesse. he would be able to help in some ways even if he cant walk. i really liked this chapter. thanks for updating.
5/1/2005 c16 cflynn214
This is a really good story.. please update soon.
5/1/2005 c16 Feral's Revenge
Oh I do like this chapter. And perfect day too. I can't believe what you are inffering about Shalimar. And Jesse might be paralyzed? You really need to update soon now.
3/11/2005 c15 rach
this is really good i love s/j update soon!
10/11/2004 c15 melodie568
really good story im glad that jesse is ok i love this story i just read all fifteen chapters and it is awesome please keep writing
8/19/2004 c14 BW53086
I can't wait for more! Please continue!
8/13/2004 c2 Gauri
i love u for doing an s/j pairing. i really do
7/23/2004 c13 CatWomen88
Please continue... I can't wiat to see what happens next...
7/20/2004 c12 10CatWomen88
Please continue... Its really good...
7/18/2004 c11 3Feral's Revenge
Please Please Please continue this story

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