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4/16/2007 c1 9No Green MnMs
I don't watch Charmed, but what a great fic. I read a few chapters, and I really like the way you describe things. Nice chapter endings too. :D

Keep Writing & Viva La Vie Boheme,

12/7/2006 c2 Kayleigh
Can u please write some more pages of piper and leo thank u very much
11/25/2006 c10 10CosmicButton
Hi i hate Piper!(In this fic)I hope Leo doesn't go back to Piper because she made him live live 3 years in pain. I hope he teaches her a lesson. I usually like PipreLeo but in this case not! It is a great story though I like the idea
9/5/2006 c10 emily
hey i love the story i hope u update soon cuz i want to know what happens lol

8/28/2006 c10 jess
piper's giving him a chance.. thats good.. update!
8/28/2006 c10 nicole812us
I'm glad she turned the car around. I hope everything works out.
8/28/2006 c10 4Coginom
Great new chapter and I'm glad Piper DID drop the Forrest-Gump-Act - I'm really curious about the upcoming chapter(s), especially about a bit more Melinda hopefully.

I don't know if it's intended or if I'm interpreting infinite details (like always), but I like the symbolism with the coffee cup - somehow it gave me the certain feeling, there was still so much love between them (Piper/Leo), their relationship still "full" - they just ended it too abruptly.
8/25/2006 c9 3PiperandLeoFan101
omg! taht was like wow! lol liked it a lot. taht's how it ended. did she know that she was going to be a mother when that happened? update soon
8/25/2006 c9 4Coginom
Very emotional and extremely well written fic - I know, I keep repeating myself, but what's true that's true. I especially liked the last three sentences - finally, they state in simple words and in a plain metaphor just how hurt and crushed they were/are by their own relationship in the past, how their love is still tearing them apart with a void they left within each other.

I just hope Piper stops pulling a Forrest Gump some time and faces her own emotions - awesome story, once again.
8/25/2006 c9 15HopelessRomantic45
oh, wow!

i love it!

plz keep going!

this is great!
8/25/2006 c9 greyislove
gasp... piper ran away again? poor leo.. update update!
8/23/2006 c8 greyislove
gasp.. is he gonna find out about her yet?
8/22/2006 c8 4Coginom

I think I read this story some time in the last year and I'm really glad you updated it - your writing style is absolutely amazing and after all you are dealing with a whole lot of emotions here. Really great job.

Also glad Leo asked about Melinda - how he will react to the truth (should it be actually told) is bound to be interesting. =)
8/22/2006 c8 nicole812us
I think Piper and Leo needs to sit down to talk. She really hurt him. I am glad he asked about Melinda. I hope he gets to know her.
8/22/2006 c8 bajacks
I really like this story. For some reason, it just draws me in.
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