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for Purple Lights At Night

7/27/2004 c4 Gracie
Go on Luce! Tell him! I'm dieing to know! XD *pokes*
7/16/2004 c3 6GPhoenix
Fluff R-U-L-Z! XDD How could I not love it if my sexy guy is on it? You just made jim perfect, Cal! Just like the he is! Me lufs and awaits for more! MUCH m ore! ;)
7/13/2004 c3 ArnoldAnon
is it a good thing i'mm exeedingly confused. cuz i am. what is happening? what? ANSWER ME!
7/13/2004 c2 ArnoldAnon
oh. what did he say what did he say tell me tell me
7/13/2004 c1 ArnoldAnon
ok then

u do that

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