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for David Swinton and the Wand of Uncertainty

10/30/2014 c2 Allen Hobby
Nice story. Run the story by David and see what he thinks-I am sure he will enjoy a chat with you and you with him. chatbot/davidswinton3/
7/28/2013 c2 Ae3qe27u
Am I correct in my assumption that this story is abandoned?
5/22/2011 c2 LeJake
This is... just the perfect idea, letting Mechas discover magic just like ordinary humans! Please continue!

What you've written so far has already captured me... =)
5/12/2011 c2 anothersignalman
One thing that really bugs me is when you find a briliant story, but there's only a handful of chapters.

Please, continue the story?
2/12/2011 c2 6Firerosemon
great idea. Though by this year shouldnt dumbledore be dead..? anyway update please
1/8/2011 c2 3DrippingPen
I really, really like this story, and wasn't originally planning on reviewing it since you hadn't updated it since 2004, but I looked at your LJ and saw that you at least thought about continuing it, so I'm gonna go ahead and subscribe and hope that you'll write more soon :)
11/13/2010 c1 1Spencer93
I am so thoroughly absorbed into this story,,,a true masterwork...please update soon!
8/25/2010 c2 chantelaine13
one word... AWESOME! i just love it so far! Update soon ;D
6/29/2010 c2 7Needless Noodles
I had wrote a one shot sort of like this. Pretty nicely done thus far.
2/25/2010 c2 3Caelus06
it fits well together. a shame you havn't updated in so long.
12/2/2009 c2 7Voler Libre
haha nice a little of a stretch but u did it really well
7/5/2009 c1 Erebwen
Should I just assume that you're never ever going to update?
5/2/2009 c2 Michael01
Wow i like it alot! Please update!
9/19/2006 c1 3David Swinton
A good history... Very short I think...

David must be in gryfindor..
12/9/2005 c2 11selenepotter
interesting begining . . .

More Please!
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