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1/26/2005 c5 7Kasoula
Hey Vamp! It's your kooky krazy beta reader. I just realized that I never reviewed for you. Though I have no knowledge whatsoever about what you're writing about (besides grammar/spelling/etc.) I can say that it was entertaining. I'm still waiting for your next chapter...

~KrazY *K* (Choey, in case you forgot :P)
11/11/2004 c1 1Ichabod Crofte
Very nicely written. Easy to follow, which is a definate plus. I really like the portrayal of Ibuki because she's one of my beloved SF characters for two main reasons: 1) Capcom doesn't seem to care a fig about her and 2) She's playfully juxtaposed between an ancient way of life and the modern, Japanese teen bubblegum pop-ish scene. I always thought there was so much that could be done with her. Anyway, keep writing, and I'll keep reading.
11/4/2004 c5 10Gadoken King
Interesting team... Benimaru is one of my favorite snk fighters, outranked only by Joe Higashi and Ryo Sakazuki, in that order. Also the link with Rose and Athena is a little strange, and is definetly a differetn portryal of the Psycho Soldier than I'm used to. Hope to see some more interesting teams in upcoming chapters!
8/12/2004 c4 3Gone Away 2345
You know? I think the plot should have been fleshed out from since the beginning of the fic. All I see right now is random dialogue. This is how I feel right now, to be honest. Is this like a story of Capcom vs. SNK or what? I'm just curious.
7/23/2004 c1 2TornadoReviewer
To Ninjamelon.

Hehehe abot the "realistic" part:)Yes , it sounded funny...realism in the FF net hehehe.But simply I just couldn't find a better word:]

In this particular meaning 'realism' was about realism in the story-about the fightng scene.

I thought about the 'realism' in a mening of longer and better described fighting scenes.Somewhat 'unreal' was how fast and easy Leona and Clark were beaten.(yes yes I know , they suppose to be beatan because this is a SF fanfic hehe).

But you made a big progress-review of chapter 3 says it all.
7/23/2004 c3 TornadoReviewer
Well I see that you made a BIG improvement:)The fighting scene in this chapter is really good.

7/22/2004 c3 3Gone Away 2345
Interesting fight scene. Now what did you mean about senseless fighting?
7/17/2004 c2 2CMK
I'm going to give my honest opinion on this review. Your chapters are good and packed but way too short. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to stretch out the chapter lengths by adding in more descriptions. So far the chapters have been mostly action and not enough character development or description.

Technical note: Your spelling and grammar are good, which in itself is something special on this website. Try not to start new paragraphs if you're not beginning on a different idea, though - having too much white space hurts the eyes.

And about the website that Tornado referred to, its information was basically copy-and-pasted from Kailu Lantis' KoF FAQ. Lantis' FAQ is alright, but it's missing a lot of details and is more a novelization of KoF than anything else. If you study the canon, you'll find that Chun-Li would be hard-pressed to take Leona, let alone Clark after Leona. But that's just my gripe since I'm a real stickler for canon facts.

In the meantime, I hope you'll flesh out the plot a little more and work on the story, which I intend to read. I believe that you can do much better, and I hope you'll take that as the ultimate compliment.
7/17/2004 c2 2Ninjamelon
To Tornado(Reviewer: First of all, thankyou for the review! And sorry to disappoint you, but I absolutely loath the Ikari team, hence my reason for making them seem so pathetic. I’m not going to waist any space with my reasons for hating their lame character designs but if you would like to discuss the matter into further detail then by all means I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also sorry about the ‘westernised boxing stance’, I just wanted her to seem kind of ‘pathetic’ and ‘cumbersome’ when compared to Chun-Li and also had no other ideas of description since I really pay so little attention to her.

Other than that, thanks for all the helpful hints!

Oh, and I also found it funny how you wanted the story to be more ‘realistic’ on fan'fiction'.net about the street fighting 'game'. lol
7/15/2004 c2 2TornadoReviewer

It's truly a shame seeing such a short and irrational fighting scene...I mean Leona is one of the most skilled and fastet fighters in KOF series.Not to mention the strenght of Clark Steel who may not be fast but he is not the man that falls after few kicks without doing some serious damage!I wonder how would it end if there was Ralf fighting with Chun Li-would Chun Li just throw him out of the ring or let her block his Galactica Phantom move?

And just what is 'westernised boxing stance'?It would be better If you just write , 'her usual stance'.

Ok ok...I know It's a Street Fighter fic and Chun Li had to win..I don't deny that she is one of the most skilled fighter in the SF world.

But try to be more REALISTIC in the future.It's a BIG disapointment to see that Clark and Leona are just 'persons to be knocked out at the beginning'.

Try to read something more about Ikari Team on the net and next time USE those information.

Here's the link-http:/kof.confusticated.com/frames.html to the one of the best KOF characters data.

SHORT SUMMARY:(Scale 1-10)

Writing overall: 6/10

REALISM: 1+/10(+for short but good Leona and Clark descriptions)

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