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9/11/2005 c5 2Arinson Tidochi
I never knew the name's of Kaoru's parents either. Does anyone know them? You've made a pretty good guess though. They seem pretty realistic. Though now that JK's last book is out, you'll have an easier time with nameless historical figures. At least now you won't have to worry about Potion's teachers and the like.
9/11/2005 c4 Arinson Tidochi
Tom Riddle huh, Well its obvious he will have a bigger part in this story. Will Kenshin go over to the dark side? I am holding my breath in anticipation. Please don't make me wait too much longer or I'll die.
9/11/2005 c3 Arinson Tidochi
Saito is his usual badass self. I think you do him justice. Considering I know what's coming next, I really like the build up.
9/11/2005 c2 Arinson Tidochi
Aw Kenshin is so cute. I wonder what his parents have to do with the rest of the story.
9/11/2005 c1 Arinson Tidochi
I like all the improvements you've made to this chapter. Your writing has really gotten better.
your story is great but I do have a question. Is there a defirance between the high pony-tail the males wear in the story and a topknot? I have read stories with either one or the other or both in it and I was wondering?OH! as for the older brother thing I think it's funny.It kinda reminds me of my huband. He wouldn't happen to be aroung 20 would he? lol
8/3/2005 c1 1legolasEstelstar
i havent read the chapters yet, but i wil when i can, i think this is a good idea an i wish you the best with it. you have an awesome story here so i hope you make the best out of it. take care sweetie! God bless.
7/20/2005 c2 Jerry
Loved Chapter 2! I don't like Hogwarts' principal. I feel sad that everyone thinks Kenshin is a girl.
7/20/2005 c1 Jerry
I really enjoyed it. I love the part where you write "Two weeks later, the Allies dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima" Very dramatic!

Here are my questions - Why didn't that seer guy leave also? I thought that was crummy. And the Master! I thought he was a bit of a jerk.

I'm waiting for some uninterrupted "quiet" time so I can read the second chapter.
1/17/2005 c1 girl from ipanema
I think this is a great cross over. WWII and Voldemort and Kenshin just work beautifully. The writing style is quite nice, too. WWII was a time of such evil, the elements combine very appropriately. Are you going to make Kenshin capable to change into a feather dragon? I love the way you portrayed Saitoh. Right on the money. Now, just stick to it and update systematically.
1/16/2005 c1 Bethany
This is an interesting mix of stories. I don't usually read crossovers, but this one has some serious potential. I'm waiting for the next Chapter!
1/16/2005 c4 slinky
Wow! I really like this chapter. It took you a while to update, but it was worth the wait. Its nice that your chapters are a bit longer. That way its easier to correct mistakes without replacing multiple chapters a whole crapload of times.

Kenshin seems almost like a normal kid, but I suppose he would before he went into the war. I can't wait for Chapter five!
1/16/2005 c3 slinky
I really like Saito in your story. He's so sadistic. I hope he sticks around and causes more trouble.
1/16/2005 c2 slinky
It's interesting how you have these flashbacks in every chapter. No one really knows what kenshin's parents looked like. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't important to the original story. I mean with a really ordinary surname like Himura that means something like "of the village" you don't expect them to be very exceptional. Will Kenshin have any other living relatives that show up in your story, like a sister or something?
1/16/2005 c1 slinky
This is an excelent beginning. I can't wait to read the next chapter. I'm curious? Why is kenshin starting out 13 years of age instead of 15 like in the series.
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