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for Harry Potter and the Snake's Veil

6/18/2019 c18 A Reader
What would have happened if the Ministry found out the truth...Maybe you can do an alternative of the last few chapters.
12/31/2012 c18 3ZexSoul
Awesome! I love it! Great Job!
10/22/2010 c18 1Bloodgalore
Wow. That is amazing.
4/19/2010 c18 35Kirby77DP77
Wait! How'd his eyes get changed back? I thought they were yellow now..

Fantasic story, by the way! ;)

4/28/2009 c18 tetis
I really liked your story!

Would love to read a sequel...
1/16/2009 c18 Ummm123456789
great story! i haven't read anything like it!
1/29/2008 c18 3126805004
I loved the story. When I stumbled across it, I didn't really know what to expect. But it was well worth the time to read, and I sincerely hope you do a sequel.
1/9/2008 c18 6DeathlyPhoenix
11/3/2007 c18 LL
10/5/2007 c18 Tmctflyboy
glad that they will be able to live together
9/8/2007 c18 Petrichor942
That was good.

What was your dream?
8/11/2007 c18 ehsurewhatever
This is amazing! It's very original, so different from what I expected when I started reading it! I'm going to fav this. :D
5/6/2007 c18 8HermioneWatsonFan
You should write a sequal about Harry proving his innocence or something. Anyway, great story!
2/28/2007 c18 shadowtheo
1/29/2007 c18 cato1850
An excellent story. A sequel would be nice...please.
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