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11/5/2011 c7 Someone who loves the story
Omg tis is so creepy and funny aishiterru saki-kun and takeshi-san! And u like horses saki kun? Same goes to me! They r like the best animal in the world! And when r u go update again? It's awesome! I love all of ur stories! And plz do upload baby kakashi soon cuz I miss the cute little kakashi! And do u have iPhone or iPod or ianything? If u do plz download kik and search for me: PonyLoverakaWhiteFire

Anyone else who also saw this review( if u ever bother finish reading it) feel free to chat with me! I'm a girl age 12 don't u f*cking flirt and anyone who doesn't appreciate horses and ponies I will hunt u down and slit ur throat and feed it to the hounds. And saki kun, if u did read this plz do reply
5/21/2009 c7 Not the 'droid ur lookin' for
LOL can't wait for ending!
2/21/2008 c1 3phobosapollo
. . . . . . . . . . . . .DAT WAZ AWESOME!i bet its a prank.
8/8/2007 c7 3Cherry-Chanx3
hahaha this story is awesome update real soon please
4/21/2007 c2 thingy
I was reading this at 10 o clock at night in the dark...I HAD TO TURN ON A LIGHT *shiver*
1/22/2007 c7 isrocks
write more
1/22/2007 c7 12TotallyObsessive
I really enjoyed this story. The suspense is a killer (no pun intended) can't wait for the next chapter ^^
12/30/2006 c7 2XxMoonlitxCherryxBlossomxX
That cutesy wootesy puppy is a widdle werewolf? That's impossible!
11/26/2006 c7 3Rainpop Sunshine
Could you please stop changing time? You're saying stuff like Neji runs but now Naruto said and wth you're killing the time. Also, since I'm not Japanese, and even though I understand it, it's getting a little annoying now...

Otherwise it's pretty good, just a little creepy.
9/25/2006 c7 53Sonar
Awesome story. I hope you do continue this one because I enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully Shino does not lose his glasses. I seen a picture of his eyes and they are really hot.
9/2/2006 c1 3Rade Hunters
really good, keep it up! ^_^
8/24/2006 c2 StringxDolly
du du du lol anyways 4 in chinese sounds like death lol\
8/23/2006 c1 4Trigger.REALITY
good story! waiting for an update ^_^
8/12/2006 c7 20Fuebi
OMG THAT WAS SO FREAKIN SCARY YOU SO HAVE TO UPDATE! i really liked this chapter haha poor ino i hope she does not die nun of the genins deserve to die i mean REALLY but i still LOVE your fic its so AWESOME! plz update!;3

ttfn (H)(H)(H)(H)(H)
6/29/2006 c7 3crazy-but-fun
Eh, this is a funny and creepy story. I like it though! So continue! _ OR ELSE!
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