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8/11/2011 c4 21Sanity and Katlin
So when do you plan on updating? Cause I'd like to read more.

10/24/2007 c4 Liinabae
omg! i love this story! i no its been awhile since ur last update so ur probly not gunna update again but theres still hope ^.~ lol
7/1/2006 c4 FreakyAngel
Please update again soon... pretty please..

I like the way you write it from snapes point of view and i'm looking forward to finding out who's tormenting him so... Though i have a small idea...
6/27/2006 c4 1lilsteves
awesome chapter! There are two possibilities i can think of that happen when Snape goes to meet James. None of them are good :(. I cant wait to see what happens!
6/26/2006 c4 12iPickleThings
I hope you do continue soon! I like this story lots! I would guess that Harry is actually faking to play a really mean trick on Snape, or that some strange thing comes up and he ends up standing him up and Snape doesn't forgive him. Something of that nature, is it? Oh well, I suppose I'll find out in the fifth chapter, huh? (Also, I'm guessing that the secret admirer is actually James -like a time activated spell of his- ) I'm willing to wait to see if I'm right...
3/5/2006 c3 1lilsteves
:) great story! I have my suspicion as to who the admirer is, or who I HOPE it is, but i'm not sure. You're doing a good job at keeping it secret. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter!
9/10/2005 c3 El Deno
I can't wait for the next chapter! Surely it can't be Hagrid because he can't write. No offence but why are all your stories about gays?

P.S.I love cashews 2!
2/14/2005 c1 Thompson the Nemisis
First off Happy Valentines day or not so happy valentines day if you hate this day as much as Snape does. I loved the story, perfect for the day of romance and love.
9/19/2004 c2 Skeet
When will this be updated? Please update!
8/17/2004 c2 La. Bel. LM
Vundaba! I love it mwah!

Even though I am not a big fan of Slash (as you already know, gaia buddy *nudge nudge* ^^ )but the writing is spectacular! Especially since it's in the present tense. Usually, present tense drives me CRAZY because no body really knows how to write with it! They keep switching at random places from past to present, and it takes so much away from the fic!

But this was perfect! Well, as perfect as I can tell at least...I'm not very good with sentence structure or grammer and all that ^^;

Anyways, great work, and I will be waiting on pins and needles for your next update.

~ Lady Belaqua (a.k.a. Lady S ^^ )
7/22/2004 c2 your name
I never leave reviews, but this is an interesting story idea, and I really want to see where you take this!
7/20/2004 c2 Deep Emerald
Very nice! I like a good Snape angst story. Only our poor potions master would actually be tortured by thoughts of love and romance! Looking forward to more!
7/19/2004 c1 Jessie Cage
he he eh nice way to end it. the story was okay

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