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for Aconite 2

12/19/2009 c1 25TheLadyPendragon
This and the first part are so beautifully written! It's almost poetic - I love it. :D
11/21/2006 c1 10Isabelle Adamowitz
Just like Aconite, this is just wonderfully phrased. I'm not sure that I have much to say except that I enjoyed this just as much as the one before it. :)

12/29/2004 c1 20Katherine4
*wow* That was gorgeous!

Amazingly written, blossoming with emotions and redemption and just completely lovely.

11/24/2004 c1 14gabo0

I lvoed this one.. Draco was s collected, cold and cute..

I loved it..

Is there Aconite 3? That'd be nice

8/20/2004 c1 13sassinak
I've been converted to a new pairing - it never takes a lot. I feel as though no comment could ever compare to the near-perfection of both Aconite 1 and 2.

Thank you.
7/30/2004 c1 Linaeve
"Draco looks up at him and thirty generations of Malfoys’ sneer down at the lower classes."

Once again, simply lovely. I loved Remus and Snape's defense of Draco; I was half-hoping Hermione would pop out at some moment (where is she, anyways?) and be a voice of reason.

- Linaeve
7/21/2004 c1 1Dr. Kirk
Aww this is cute^_^ I love Remmy Draco fics...and I've never seen one where Draco had a kid before(then again I've only been able to find like..fourXD) Good job^^

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