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for A Fangirl's Fantasy

1/26/2014 c3 3InuYasha-Lover3000
LOL This Story is just Sooo Funny Please Continue
5/4/2009 c3 biginuyashafan
write more write more write more!

12/21/2004 c2 145Raberba girl
Oh man, that was funny. That's _exactly_ what the fangirls are like.
8/26/2004 c2 RosePetals678
Hey, just thought I review. Love this chap, so funny. Anywazz, I wanted tlet you know I'm strting a new Lily fic, noting to do with dear Harry though, but, I really reviewed to offer you something for being such a great reviewer for MH, and MR. If you want the last few chapters on MH2, that you havent rread yet, I'll send them to you. You know my email, so just write me and say. Bye! Great fic!
8/14/2004 c2 26iNiGmA
omg dude! u dedicated a stori to me n u made me seem like a horny psyco all in one go! U ROCK! lmao! i'm soo weird *shrugs* anyways, that was SO funi!was that a hint for me to write u a harry sex stori? lmao...*thinks* hmn.. harry sex stori... why the hell not? lol... u betta update dat cause its pretty bloody funi!

7/23/2004 c1 CTRNikkiM
hee hee I've had dreams like that...^^
7/21/2004 c1 again
lol that was funny AND good! I loved it! *smiles frantically* I really love both of your stories and I really hope you continue to write more! Your stories are WAY better then mine! *pouts* More soon please!
7/21/2004 c1 joanne
i thought the story was good so far update soon!

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