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for Tale of the last Dragon Master

12/20/2004 c6 4ciacconne
like the fic so far. I had a very hard time reading, with the paragraphs scrunched up like that. TT_TT hurts my poor eyes (I have glasses)

Good fic though.
12/4/2004 c1 ciacconne
Hello, this is gothatheartholo, and i tried to contact you through email to give you my thanks and the lemon for tnb5, O_O but something went wrong. Maybe you had a different email adress now? Can you email me? My email's TkatakiuchiT@

Btw, nice story you got there. And thanks for faving all my stories and putting me in your fav author's list! ^_^
10/7/2004 c11 My Pseudo Fairytale

Once again, much potential. I liked it alot, and it had more detail and "stuff" in it than your other story. So, overall, pretty good!

Alot of the same suggestions, but one thing that I noticed in particular- Tsukasa keeps getting hurt! Maybe you can lay off the punishment a bit.

Other than that, good! Details details, though. And never let a character give up too easily. Make them put up a fight, and don't let them give away their secrets too easily. (e.g.- It was a bit weird when Youko Kurama just came out of the bushes and told Kagome that he was going after Tsukasa in an earlier chapter)

Anyway, I enjoyed reading it, and hope you take my *wonderful* advice! (ha ha, lol just kidding)

Keep doing good stuff!

9/29/2004 c11 1Account Has Been Abandoned *Adds to favs* This is getting better... btw; last time I reviewed I told you about the anon reviews. Maybe you didn't get it? It's still on so only people with accounts can sign; if you login and change your settings you might get more reviews.
9/26/2004 c1 6ryuu-oh
this is a good story!I'm serious! ^-^
8/14/2004 c7 1Account Has Been Abandoned
Nice chapter, it's getting pretty interesting... not sure if I said this or reviewed at all before, but you have your account set so you can't get anon reviews. If you go to settings and change that, you will probably get more. Je ne!
8/8/2004 c6 1syrinxsong
Hello. That was pretty cool. I really enjoyed that chapter. Question "heaven's arrow" (cool name by the way) a special attack or just a physical attack (like a plain bow ansd arrow). If its a special attack...what does it do? I really have no clue as to what happened/is happening to Kikyo. Oh, and the formatting is MUCH better. I could follow everything so much easier and it made everything run smoother! Update again soon, k?
8/1/2004 c5 syrinxsong
Hey, sorry it took me so long to read and review your story. I haven't been feeling well lately, so I couldn't spend much time at my computer. You story is cool. I like the plot and the characters you've created. Its really interesting. My only problem is your formatting. It is hard to tell if Tsukasa is mentally projecting into peoples minds or you are describing scenes from the narrators point of view. I got it eventually, but its difficult to wade through at first. My suggestion is to split up your paragraphs more than you do. Instead of a big hunk of conversation, try a new paragraph when someone else starts talking. I know it gets really spaced out, but that is the "proper/formal" (take you choice) writing rules as far as English Grammar goes. But I'll continue reading it if you'll let me know when you update. Like I said, very creative, wonderful characters, kickass abilities as far as the dragon mage goes. Though, I would like to know Kagome's capabilities as a tenshi youkai...*hinthint* Update soon.

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