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5/15/2015 c3 82Sycocat2
My that became serious fast XD Gotta love 'em though.
5/4/2011 c3 justanotherdot
great story ^ ^

it was very romantic, adorable and fluffy... makes me wanna hug you! :P
1/25/2009 c3 4Mistress Me
such a good ending! totally for the Raenef/Eclipse pairing!
1/5/2009 c3 11YoungAthletesOnIce
Why is that people who write these things are always older than you? It's like I;m the only freshman in high school. Some how, I don't feel good about it...besides that, I totally loved it! CONTINUE TO WRITE! Does that sum it up?
4/10/2008 c3 gothchick414
Usually I'm not a fan of things like this, but I found myself reading anyways. I have to say, that was one of the better fics of this paring that I've seen in a long time. Keep up the good work, and I hope to read more of your works in the future.
7/9/2006 c3 bj
why would you write a yaoi story just to back out and say you dont write yaoi? what is wrong with you? thats like offering a small child candy and then hiding it from them...kinda like easter. but taht WASNT fun! that was offering a bored teen something to do in the middle of the night, and then killing it. WHY? *agonized scream* WHY?
6/2/2006 c3 zeph
That was awesome! ^_^
3/21/2006 c3 7HahvocTheHatter
Damnit! I was expecting some intenseness. Oh well. It was still pretty good.
12/16/2005 c3 Faust Hiwatari
very nice :) I liked it though I wish there had been yaoi but that's fine I love Shounen ai stories ^_^ well I did spot some errors here and there but that's okay lol ("Not mow...) one of the few but I know what you ment in any case you are a very good writer
8/17/2005 c2 Nikkio3000
LUV it!
5/26/2005 c3 lp794
wah! you are stinky for not putting in any yaoi!wah! but it was a good and cute story nonetheless. continue writing fanfics,k^_^
2/23/2005 c3 1kuramasgirl
That story was great. I'm a new fan to Demon Diary and this, just to let you know, is the first Demon Diary fan fic I've ever read, and I've already decided that Raenef/Eclipse is my fave coupling! Please write more fan fics like this!

2/19/2005 c3 VoodooPriestess
O!awsome ficcie! Write more eclipse/Raenef pairings. UR good!XD
2/5/2005 c3 dizzy-otaku



*I want lemon*

Thats okay,I'm more of a shonen-ai girl too.^^
2/5/2005 c1 dizzy-otaku

I'm never EVER drinking Pepsi again...

I like this story a lot though!^^

Very interesting.
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