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for Behind the mask

3/27/2023 c3 Kayla shockley5
3/27/2023 c2 Kayla shockley5
oh man
3/27/2023 c1 Kayla shockley5
6/20/2013 c4 Guest
More! This is absolutely exciting! I am sorry I don't have an acount but you can know me as dawnwisker. Wherever i think about your stories durring the day I always find myself drooling! Please write more!
7/9/2012 c1 5lil kiki love
8/20/2011 c4 naomi
sooo cool I like it :) when will be next?
1/7/2011 c4 23CutePiglet
Oh, that's too bad! I really liked this story so far, are you going to continue? Even though it's been 5 years, please? :)
4/11/2010 c4 3Misaki - Mizuky
are you going to continue Behind the mask and all that? I hope so!
7/29/2009 c4 hmmmmmm
PLEASE FINISH THIS! The Fanfiction is awesome so far! I like fluffy things :3 Please please PLEASE FINISH!
1/26/2009 c4 2Serena6686
2/7/2008 c4 cheetahkit
one word: CON-TIN-UE!
1/6/2008 c4 14Yugilover1
GOD Damit make more please?
10/3/2007 c4 gamer260
please update
5/1/2007 c1 zypher
(adding on to your reply)

I know it's often hard to make longer posts. I'm sorry if it came across as possibly pushy, I just hate it when things I read are cut short... And thats because I was enjoying what I was reading. (;

Putting the shortness aside, I understand that it's hard not to be busy, I know... I've a few fics of my own that have... dusted over. I've considered pulling back from my breath of fire postings and maybe make my own yugixatem (yami) fic. Reading stories like your own inspire me to do so. Though, it'll have to wait what with my move and so forth. Any way, enough of my ramblings, basically I enjoyed reading your entire story thus far. x3
4/30/2007 c4 2Zypher Evans
I have very much enjoyed reading up to this point in your story and I'd like to be able to read more. If it is at all possible perhaps your chapters could be a bit longer.. I'm only saying that beacuse I enjoyed reading and didn't want to stop. xP
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