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for Ugly Consequences

3/2/2021 c2 Shootingstarfortheages
Been a long time.
But the story is adorable...
1/26/2011 c2 3Cooldude1904
i like the story
7/30/2007 c2 4RoseXxxXThorn

Update!This is HILARIOUS!


8/29/2006 c2 29Aeta Aella
Love it!
9/7/2005 c1 9Aliso
Aw the almighty cuteness. Squee!
8/21/2005 c2 starfirefan
PLZ review...i luv it
6/7/2005 c2 triva
This is really good I hope you update soon
6/6/2005 c2 3Pickles12

That was to cute

Dude, I thought Robin's eyes were blue *shrugs*
5/29/2005 c2 Lolasurf9
I did not like it. You jumped into everything to fast. Robin and Star are just teenagers and already they hade a son. He was not even sure if he liked Starfire.
4/26/2005 c2 8Stollhofen125
Very good!

I wish to hear more of your stories!
1/26/2005 c2 1The Samurai Pizza Cat
Yeah that's fluff alright ... *grins*

Will Robin ever accept that he likes Starfire back? C'mon, I know u can do something about that ... you're the author ...

-The Samurai Pizza Cat-
1/1/2005 c2 TokyoGurl2009
Cool. Please write more :)
12/27/2004 c2 2KeyBella
good. update soon.
11/25/2004 c2 Dark Pheonix
Please do contine the adventures of Moonfire and his family
10/24/2004 c2 kirstenwells
i loved it. please write more. lots of love kirsten
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