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for Birth into darkness

7/27/2011 c4 23Yue Sai
I like the story. I know it's been awhile, but if you're still writing, I think you should write more. I want to know what Leonard's going to do. I also want to know how Albus and Minerva can be together unless Albus turns into one too. Well, I wish you well.

-Yue Sai
6/2/2010 c4 8Chocolate-doom-Toast
Write more to this story! I love it!
7/23/2009 c2 Chocolate-doom-Toast
What vampires are you using?

did you make up the whole vampire and change part on you own?

or did you take the idea from a book? eather way it's a good story
12/7/2006 c4 pheobs61
Well, I hope you can update but I see it's been two years so Idoubt it! :P
12/7/2006 c3 pheobs61
Good Job
12/7/2006 c2 pheobs61
Grat job reading on!
12/7/2006 c1 pheobs61
This is good! and well written don't be so hard on yourself!
1/4/2006 c4 jack
Wow that was so cool!

I read your other fanfic on this Leonard guy and it was really awesome!

A fic to do with vampires got me really interested


8/24/2005 c4 6young wiccan
this is really interesting! please don't pair Minerva with the vampire that turned her, please! even though she's a vampire, she should be with Albus.

I can't wait to see the next chapter
4/19/2005 c4 kate
oh please, angeldust - aka - evilwoman, please keep writing
4/7/2005 c4 10Catwoman99
Girl, you need to update this story! I'm still interested.

- April :-)
9/14/2004 c3 Dimples
i luv it, gimme more gimme more, please!
9/13/2004 c3 TabbyKit
I like it. When will you be undating? I can't wait! There are a few grammatical mistakes, but other than that, it was well written and captivating. Keep up the good work!
9/11/2004 c3 elena
so, if i am really, really eager to find out what is going to happen, i'll have to review.

then i'll do it!

but please don't make me do it four more times...

it's not fun posting so many reviews without chapters. =)

ps cool story!
9/11/2004 c3 albus's bitch
YAY ya updated! damn it all to hell!

albus's bitch
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