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for Aftermath of a Wish

3/17 c1 Guest
Way to go piper and yet you wonder why he avoided you after you found out that Chris was your son.
Throwing his good deed back in his face?

Author Reply:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review. Much appreciated. I am not 100 percent sure what good deed you were referring to, but still, thank you very much.
5/22/2021 c1 rumaldo16
Good story
5/20/2018 c1 6dramatv
Such a cool idea! Really wanna see more
2/25/2018 c1 sexy Seren
11/7/2017 c1 34CMR Rosa
Amazing story, I love how you use that Wish to bring Prue back and we see the aftermath of that.
9/8/2017 c1 20jettmanas
Wow, this was written in '04. And about 9K words in one chapter.

Well, nice job with handling a lot of characters and situations, from Prue's return and Paige's feelings of not being needed, to Chris's secret of being from the future and who his parents were. Mist and the offer to make Prue a Valkyrie was clever; interesting that she almost gave it up. Good finale with the surprise threat to Wyatt, and Chris not wanting help after the injury (but getting it anyway).

Good story!
5/8/2017 c1 11Loki God of Evil
Ahh, you see Richard this is what happens when you're not very specific with your wishes.
I love how subtle they are (Prue and Chris) both got issues, a father who's not there much hehe.
Aww it was a sad ending for Prue, but she is in a better place, and there's no place better than Valhalla.
Bringing fallen warriors to serve under Odin in time for Ragnarok as was foretold hehe.

A long chapter but very enjoyable regardless
6/22/2015 c1 53Alicia Mirza

I really liked the idea :)
I can see Prue as a Valkyrie and I like how her comeback makes sense, after all Richard did say Charmed Ones. Also, I loved the Prue-Paige bit, I always wondered how that meeting would have gone. And Chris... Well, his character was as great as ever, I especially liked when he didn't want Leo to heal him xD Oh, Prue and Chris, yuck...
Keep up the good work!

Alicia :)
6/21/2010 c1 10vamp-gal
An absoloutly brilliant story! :D Love it!
7/14/2007 c1 3Marcus1233
When she died she knew that she was dead. So the thought of her not knowing she died is illogical. Dead people (especially the Haliwells) made it their business to watch their family from 'up there'. So it also stands to reason that she would know of Chris' identity because she'd probably catch the of his confessions.

And Leo shouldn't be angry with Chris anymore due to the wish...

Oh and Mist...what a s*!
6/10/2007 c1 1mallratrebel
make a sequel
1/28/2007 c1 6JourneyoftheLost
You did a good job in writing this. I like how you made it into it's own episode and you didn't change anything.
1/13/2007 c1 HollyPhoenix
I mostly enjoyed this story, the sex scenes and jokes were a little awkward, but the Chris/Paige/Prue interactions were very touching, this fits in fairly well with the continuity of season six.
12/3/2006 c1 11Twin-Swords
Oh! If only this had been an episode!

I loved it. Well written...
12/20/2005 c1 14Korilian
God I wish they'd used that plotbunnie on the show! It's so brilliantly logical! If only Allissa hadn't gotten Shannon fired.
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