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8/7/2021 c1 5EmmaLaufyson21
Beautiful story! Another one to add to my favorites list
3/1/2014 c1 104Book girl fan
So, how much of that was real, and how much just Murdock imagining?
1/3/2004 c1 MG
I do not know why the other person said it was slash. Nowhere does it say it is. DECKER came to see MURDOCK and MURDOCK has a flashback. He imagined FACEY stayed with him until he fell asleep as resquested by MURDOCK. I like it just the way it is. LOVED THE PART ABOUT GREAT JOB!
5/27/2001 c1 56Ice Queen1
Did you write every single one of the A-Team fan-fics? And why are you so hung up on m/m slash? These stories would be ten times better if they were portrayed as straight people! How perverse can you get?
3/14/2001 c1 gmb
hey hann. good murdock story. loved it...":)

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