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for A-Team Comic Pieces

8/19/2008 c16 78Invisible Ranger
ooh, I loved these. Bravo!
3/23/2007 c16 20Wattestaebchen
Oh, thias is great...I hope there will be more...it is just great. You have so many ideas and it never gets boring...great..just geat..

keep iüp the great work

5/9/2006 c16 Spring Violet
BWA-HA-HA! I love it!...when a plan comes together! HA!
4/5/2002 c15 Artichoke
Quite a collection.
12/4/2001 c9 McKay2
For some reason "my leg is trapped in a cornish pasty!" made me laugh so much I am currently unwell.

Appreciate that :^)
6/28/2001 c2 6Justin Anderson
Hannibal is the name of a cannibal! HAhahahaha! So true...
6/7/2001 c12 16european coffee addict
The poems about Hannibal and Murdock are funny and touching at the same time. Really good. bye bardofberlin
6/5/2001 c16 Meg the fierce lady
Awesome collection! I read the WHOLE thing! I love it! Keep writing!
2/3/2001 c2 110aces
Invisible pets have a habit of disappearing? *groan* : )

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