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2/16/2005 c16 shydreme
That was soo sweet! I've never read anything - published or unpublished - that was that romantic, funny, clever, and in the moment. Don't ever stop writing!
2/15/2005 c16 3vacant xpressi0ns
sequal! sequal! sequal! ::goes in circles and chants::
2/15/2005 c16 memommy27
Absolutely perfect. I can't wait for the sequel, I can see it now a very funny romantic comedy about Ron Hermione and the plannign of the wedding ( care of Molly Weasley of course)
2/15/2005 c16 2Hilary Potter
i love the way the epilogue went, exactly how i wanted it! That is one of the best stories out their!

Sequel...start off with their wedding...and then mione's prengancy (and maybe the honeymoon in between), and gin and harry's engagement and wedding?

write it soon, please!

2/15/2005 c8 nix
wowwee. very intense dude, but very very good. its good to have a bit more of evry1 else in it, to kinda like baance it up, and its real cool, and u rock!
2/15/2005 c7 nix
cool. very cool. nimbus 2005, its a classic, man. so's the name the postal service, haha, its nice. cyaa
2/15/2005 c6 nix
hahaha! the darkness! so cool, man, so cool. dude,u need 230 reviews, n u probably alredy got em, all, but this is soo gud, lyk i sed, jk eat ur heart out!
2/15/2005 c5 nix
haha randy bastard haha

ur just so good. i cant fuckin explain it. and why the hell would sumone wanna hate it? WHY? oh whatever. keep it up poppet, haha
2/15/2005 c4 nix
u know hat, dude? im really gettin tired of sayin its well gud, even though it is the truth, ha, but i cant help sayin it cuz if anybody reads this there gonna OBVIOSLY say it rocks.. im ramblin. hey its so cool, jk eat ya heart out, hahaha!
2/15/2005 c3 nix
liked it? LIKED it? freakin LOVED it, its so gud, masive well gud, man, and dont we all luv u2 lol. keep it up, dude
2/15/2005 c2 nix

this fuckin rocks. eben if u paid me in punk/rock legends, i wouldnt be able to say it sucked, cuz thats impossible

it rocks!
2/14/2005 c16 13RSegovia
aw, sweetness! Thanks for writing :D:D (one little detail: Hermione never saw the CoS, did she?)
2/14/2005 c16 piratingspiderelf
good good good times! they're getting married! hell YES i want a sequel. awesome chapter. nice song.
2/14/2005 c16 JessicaMeansSeeTheLight
SEQUEL! pretty please... : )
2/14/2005 c16 6HyperSpazzng
SEQUEL? YES! SEQUEL GOOD! lol. I loved it. love love loved it. it was awesome and you're awesome and you totally make awesome stories, yada yada. YAY FOR SEQUELS! O, I'm SO excited!
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