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2/14/2005 c16 10kiss-of-cuteness
Loved the ending, I knew he was going to propose so HURRAH! Can't wait for more about them or others by you.
2/14/2005 c16 Rosalie1
YAY! that was fabulous! in the sequel, *squeels* YAY!...ok , well maybe you could focus it more on Harry and Ginny, you know, make him propose to her... maybe at Hermionie's wedding... i dunno, i'm sure whatever you write will be perfect! just don't wait forever to update!


2/14/2005 c16 shannona
DEFINITELY want a sequel. I've read your story all the way through and really enjoyed it! (sorry i haven't reviewed before, i just read it straight through). your a great writer and I found it very enjoyable.
2/14/2005 c16 10LaurenMSL
GREAT STORY! SEQUEL? YAY! Hurry! ^_^ Yea that was really weird and separated, anyway, hurry and write the sequel! Can't wait to read it! Wonderful fic. ;)

-Laury Weasley
2/14/2005 c16 marauder23
EEP! You're doing a sequel! I would profess my love to you... but that would be kind of weird... of to hell with it





You totally brightened my day with that epilouge and your sequel promise.

It was DEFINITELY worth the wait!

Anyway... what I would like to see in the sequel is a baby and... I don't know... maybe some more Harry and Ginny action? That'd be wonderful!

Best of luck and Happy V-day!

2/14/2005 c6 rahlgreens
I love your story! But in chap. 6, The Darkness, when the song goes Ooh! its not get down but guitar! because a guitar solo comes after that. But i love your story anyways!
2/14/2005 c16 dancerrdw
YES YES YES YES you must make another story of what happens to them you must :) :) :) YES YES i really hope u do *i know this is crazy what i am writing* i loved the story i hope you put up a sequel !
2/14/2005 c16 3Huggles4All
AW! omg. spectacular ending! i absolutely love this story and cannot wait for the sequel! please get that up ASAP! fantasticly written story again, even though those words can't truely describe it- its that good. i highly look forward to seeing the sequel. ^_^
2/14/2005 c16 9DeiaSM
Nothing better than to read an epilogue with a smile etched on my face the whole time. As for the sequel, bring it on. After those last few lines, I can hardly wait to read it. I really, *really* enjoyed your story. Thank you for providing so many hours of lovely, delicious R/Hr goodness.
2/14/2005 c16 bow2thehippogriff
I hate Valentines Day, I really do. And just when I made myself a promise to not pine for the perfect guy, you had to go and write this. Now I'm in a mushy puddle because of the fluffy fantasticnessness. *dies*
2/14/2005 c16 3PiningOverPadfoot
*applause* This was such a lovely story! I can't wait for the sequel to come out!
2/14/2005 c16 1bridges and balloons
very good! i loved it!

2/14/2005 c16 4Tria Marie Val

THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEQUEL! IT was really really really amazing! in the sequel have it a buit jumpy but have hermione get her kids hogwarts letters in between the profit and the quibbler. Also have the wedding. AHH THAT WAS SOO GOOD!


P.S. Write the sequel soon!
2/14/2005 c16 alli88
OMG! it was adorable! i love it. and ya. make a sequel! and wow. i love it, and in time for valentines day, though i have no valentine...:-(

2/14/2005 c16 Alicia-B
Yea! awsome i luv this fic so much definatly a must read classic cant wait for the sequel ;)* *hint hint* lol keep writing

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