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1/31/2005 c15 5legolascrazy17
I LOVE IT! The last chapter was simply beautiful (sob!) You did an excellent job on creating this sweet, great masterpiece.
1/29/2005 c15 Shilpa
HEY! That was an awesome story.. i relly liked it. I only wished to see more of Harry/Ginny , Seamus/Lavender, and DEan/Parvati...I hope the epilogue can be a litle about how H/G and R/H proposed to each other and Ron/Hermione's marriage. It would be wonderful. Thanks for the story, Like I said, It was realy good!
1/26/2005 c15 1LiSsY2305

but no marraige...plz?

but lots of love!
1/25/2005 c15 One With A Constant Sugar High
this is a great story! i would love an epilouge about them getting married and a sequel!
1/24/2005 c15 xxkatherinexx
of course a sequel~! that was really good...

and the epilogue? maybe like the Commencement and then like it mabe skips to the proposal? i dunno but a proposal sounds just, so romantic!
1/24/2005 c15 2Hilary Potter
i loved it! i liked how you tied it all together in the end, and i like the "ALL THEY KNEW was each other. And that was enough." line.

hmm...epilogue. well i was thinking it should either be the commencement or a wedding, but i think i might have a good idea:

make the epilogue the commencement, but at the end of the commencement, have ron propose to hermione, and her except. Then, yes make a sequel, and have the first chapter be the wedding, then the honeymoon, and then whatever else. I think that would be a good idea, but it is your story, so do whatever you think is best. I am just giving you ideas!

thanks again for an awesome story, and please update soon!

1/23/2005 c15 10suckr4romance
so totally awesome! that was so sweet.

i like your ideas for the epilogue. if i had to choose one, i don't think i could! and a short sequel sounds great as well.

update soon, please!
1/20/2005 c15
YES A SEQUEL! YOU MUST WRITE A SEQUEL AND A THREE-QUEL (i think i made that up, but like a sequel to the sequel) AND A FOURQUEL! (same idea). THAT STORY WAS AWESOME! SO GOOD! for the epilogue, maybe write about the comenncement, where hermione is valedictorian, and write after, ron proposes. and the fastforward a couple years to when they're married, and hermione announces shes pregnant or something. just an idea. anyhow, that was so good!
1/19/2005 c15 twinklie toesies

a sequel would be nice

you should mark the story as completed in the description
1/19/2005 c15 milky way bar
aw! that was so unbelievably sweet! i don't want it to be over! lol. don't let it be over! ah. update soon though, because i want to know what happens in the epilogue. :D
1/19/2005 c15 1sophiethedevil
This story was VERY fluffy and a bit overly corny. Howvever it was corny in an adequete, soap-opera way that is a bit predictable and over-the-top yet somehow addictive and pretty entertaining. Yeah I liked it, kind of obvious, I mean there's no need for an epilogue let ALONE a sequel because I already know what's going to happen; Ron will propose in a cheesy, over-rated romance scene and then they'll have kids and the same will go for Harry/Ginny. They will all live happily-ever-after and everything will be perfect.

This story is pretty damn okay, job well done!

- just don't ever EVER make a sequel!
1/18/2005 c15 puppypower
that was great. deff write a sequal. make it end when hemione finds out she's pregnant.

1/18/2005 c15 OneVoice714
I really enjoyed this story, and I think you did a brilliant job writing it. I'm such a sap for Ron/Hermione stories, so this story suited me perfectly. You managed to keep it interesting, all the way to the end. Well done, and keep up the good work in future.
1/18/2005 c15 galiemme
A PROPOSAL! xD I'd love to see who gets on his/her knees xD

aww, not too sappy ^^ I loved it! :D ...okay so maybe it was sappy 0.o; but that's why I loved it! xD hehe

and YAY for sequels! xD do whatever u want ^^ it's your choice anyway ;)
1/17/2005 c15 4marauder23

And since you seem to be taking suggestions for an epilouge here's what I'd like to see:

Ron, Hermione and Harry's Commencement and (I know it seems a little cliched) Ron and Hermione's proposal. That would be very cool to read.

And I don't think there is a proposal scenario that isn't cliched now so... yes good luck writing that...


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