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1/17/2005 c15 sballLuvr5
i love all the ideas you have for the epilogue... yes! you should definately write a sequel! maybe with them having a baby... this story was great!

1/17/2005 c15 12elbearzasworld
so cute ending I love
1/17/2005 c15 glowgoth
if u want my opinon i think u should do an after marrige life it would b kool kids or not! short? if it kicks off and ppl luv it it will b long!

keeping it real

lil angel
1/17/2005 c15 6HyperSpazzng
I loved it!

sequal- yes. you're stories make me all happy inside ^_^

epilouge- after they're married. and with children. how cute that would be!
1/17/2005 c15 10kiss-of-cuteness
I loved the chapter. The declarations were awesome. Go for the sequel!
1/17/2005 c15 5MmmMmmGood
I would adore a sequal! I think that you could even do a chapter of Commencement, chapter for proposal, chapter for wedding, and then a couple chapters on married life. Or like, when Hermione finds she's pregnant, and then when she has the kid/s. A collection of continuing one shots? That would be nice and fun
1/17/2005 c15 Rosalie1
YAY! it was god! ok, i really want u to write a epalouge (sp?) and a sequel! YAY! u are so awesome!
1/17/2005 c15 Erin
that was really really good! a sequel would be the best thing ever! and the epilouge should be a commencement and a proposal, but its your story...
1/17/2005 c15 alli88
aw, i love it, and the ending was so cute and just right. yes maybe a epilogue would be nice, just to give alittle more info 'bout ron+hermionie's life together, and harry+ginny's...wait that would be hard for harry and ginny, gin is a year younger than harry... maybe that could be the topic of ur "short" sequel. hm

great story anyway...

1/17/2005 c15 4LibraHorse
HAPPINESS! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE FLUFFINESS... TOO EXCITED TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK... Okay, I've calmed down now. Anyways, I loved the declarations of love, but the conga line was eight million times better. PLEASE write a sequel! As for teh epilogue, I think Ron should propose at Commencement, then put a short wedding scene (Harry proposes to Ginny at Ron and Hermione's wedding?) and make the majority of the chapter with the two of them married (kids?). Although, that might be a bit much, so I think the wedding scene alone would also be cool. PLLEASE write a sequel!

Lots of love and a bucket of fried chicken,

1/17/2005 c15 3kaleidoscope-vision192

No. Way. Did. Harry. Beat. Ron. At. Chess. No. Way. Harry cheated, that's right, he cheated.

That decleration was so swet!

Don't make the Epilouge the Commencement... It'll be SAD. I like it happy. Maybe the proposal...

Anyway, keep it up!

*Hermione Weasley192*
1/17/2005 c15 1HelimioneKalaneli
I love this story.. Its soo brilliant!
1/16/2005 c15 piratingspiderelf
aw, they love each other! finally they admit it. i think i'd like to read something like an already married epilogue. as for the sequel, that'd be a brilliant idea, even if it is only a few chapters long. anyways, that was an incredibly sweet story, and i loved every moment of it.
1/16/2005 c15 jenn
I love all the ideas for the epilogue, but i think the ones that i like the best are th Commencement scenario, or the proposal. Make sure to make it super long :P
1/16/2005 c3 harryissomine
3 da story! gotta keep readin'!

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