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11/15/2010 c16 Isabelle
Sequelen Please?
10/9/2010 c16 Admiral100
Very nice epilogue. Though i don't really like proposals in public display. I found them very non-romantic. And Dumbedore with McGonagal? That's yuck! I mean he's like 150 and she's like 50.

Overall it was a great and very sweet story! I really enjoy every chapter! I found this a little late, but better late than ever. And thanks for your replies. I wasn't expecting them after all these time... :-)
10/9/2010 c15 Admiral100
That was bloody sweet. Their love declaration was sooooooo romantic. I'm jealous now!
10/9/2010 c14 Admiral100
aaaawwwwwww. How sweet was that? They had their Ball! They deserved one...
10/9/2010 c13 Admiral100
It seems that Hermione's birthday wasn't over. And they slept togeher, huh? That was sweet. Very funny the Dean,Seamous,Neville part. I like that Ginny took the initiative and kissed Harry. It looks like the girls are more brave to do that...
10/9/2010 c12 Admiral100
Very cute birthday day. Ron seems to be taking it very seriously the whole "I'm Hermione's boyfriend". Good for him.

I know you wrote this 5 years ago, but God i can't tell you how much i hate the "Draco-Head Boy" crap. I really want to meet the first person who thought that and bang his/her head on the wall. It's like a cannon now in HP fics that Hermione is a Head Girl and Draco Head Boy. Why? I don't know. Since your story is AU and Draco never become DeathEater it make sense, but reading non-AU fics where Draco becomes HB after the war is a joke. The guy brought DeathEaters inside Hogwarts to kill Dumbledore, he almost killed Ron and Kattie Bell, he run off before the battle with mommy and daddy to save himself and after all that they congratulated him by giving him the greatest honour a Hogwarts student can get? I repeat i'm not talking about your story, but God at some point this nonsense must stop! Honestly when i read a story and i see that Draco is a HB i stop reading it. I won't do it with yours though...
10/8/2010 c11 Admiral100
I loved it! "How could he even fancy Ron? I'm much prettier than Ron is." LMFAO!
10/7/2010 c10 Admiral100
The end was very funny. They thought Harry is gay? LOL! Very cool chapter...
10/6/2010 c9 Admiral100
Awesome chapter! The dance at the Ball was so sweet! And love the fact that they both think the other one sexy...
10/6/2010 c8 Admiral100
That's promising ;-) At least they don't act all akward with each other anymore...
10/6/2010 c7 Admiral100
Nice chapter. Everybody bet of how the night is going to end? That was funny. I do too wonder how is gonna end...
10/5/2010 c6 Admiral100
Wow, the kissed? And they have another month together alone in the Borrow? I'm in love with your idea to have them call each other love or poppet or darling. ;-)
10/5/2010 c5 Admiral100
Very nice chapter. I like that Harry knows that something is going on between these two. Although i don't understand why you put the Draco part. Why you change your story in such an AU. Not that this was cannon before, but at least everybody was On Character. Now you put a funny Draco who is now OOC and friend with Hermione for what? To show that Ron is jealous because he knows that Hermione has options when he doesn't?
10/3/2010 c4 Admiral100
Every chapter they become cuter and cuter!
10/2/2010 c3 Admiral100
Ron was so sweet in this chapter. :) He calls her "love"... AAAWWWWWW ;)
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