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12/3/2004 c10 ronlover05
why the hell would they think harrys gay that was stupid and ron is TOTALLY off character with the "love" and "poppet" and the darling its kinda sickening but i liked the story the fluff was good but mayeb not fluffy enough u needed like a little bit more fluff for a fluffernutter anywasy post more chapters now!
12/3/2004 c5 licorice9988
Interesting...I wish Hermione and Ron would realize they luv eachother already! They are the most oblivious pair on the face of the earth! Can't wait to see what happens nextt...update!
12/3/2004 c10 9Livyathan
that was THE most intesnse/romance/action/ect. story i have EVER read! you who is the almighty author of this story and i being just a simple reviewer...humbly ask you to continue this story as i must know what happens.

p.s. is The Postal Servecie a real bad.
12/3/2004 c10 Seasonings
That was so good! I just started reading yesterday and i'm hooked...please update soon!
12/3/2004 c5 ronlover05
i love ur ch name arg there have been way too many moments when they were ALMOST gonna kiss and then didnt this is as infuriating as the oc

ok well i like it anywasy keep writing
12/3/2004 c10 PrettyPink
lol. priceless. Someone has a bit of a temper... hehe, good work
12/3/2004 c10 sballLuvr5
hehe this was very funny! it was good i liked it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon!

12/3/2004 c10 Lorna Wood
I love this, please continue :)
12/3/2004 c10 galiemme
harry calling malfoy draco is a bit weird... and I personally expected harry to have said 'your sister' instead of 'ginny' as a misinterpretation for 'you'. :) and if it's ginny's flashback, then how can we know harry's thoughts on it? *is confused* but I LMAO while I read the chapter so it's okay xD keep up the good stuff!
12/2/2004 c7 NOB
I like how the two didn't get together straight away.

I disliked how the parents were okay with teenages staying alone together for a long period of time.

I dislike G/H, and prefer G/Draco. Was hoping the Draco thing would have gone that way, but oh well. You do the G/H relationship well.

I like the tension betwen Poppet/Dahling. Cute names.

Good mood, plot, scenes, etc.

Keep up the good work.
12/2/2004 c10 belanna30
Excellent. I wasn't expecting the twist ending and I haven't forgotten that the boys haven't opened their letters yet. I can't wait for the next update.
12/2/2004 c10 3Rhiannon Aurorafai

Its going really good! It was pretty funny how Ginny thought Harry was gay. LOL. Hope you update soon!

12/2/2004 c10 10suckr4romance
this is a really good story! i'm definitely keeping up with it, so please keep writing!
12/2/2004 c10 Pepstepper16
Hahahahaha...that's so great. Update soon!
12/2/2004 c4 licorice9988
Loved this chapter...very romantico! Hahha. Hermione always seems to have a flower in the middle of her shirt. Why is that? Just wondering. By the way, I absolutely loved the oblivious Ron/Donald Trump hair analogy. It was just great! Keep up the good work, this story is getting better and better!
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