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10/8/2004 c8 idontgetit
400? come on... plz update sooner than that!

10/8/2004 c8 Ringirl
Well, I really loved the beginning chapters where they were just hanging at The Burrow, giving eachother pet names, taking care of eachother, messing around with kisses, etc.Because, come on, what smart chick doesn't have a fantasy about staying at The Burrow with gorgeous gorgeous Ron? Alone... But, I really didn't like it after they went to the party and got all *shudder* y'know, steamier. I wish you'd've kept it lighter and sweeter like the beginning, far more realisatic for our dear Ron and Hermione, but, all the same, well done.

HP Love from,

10/8/2004 c8 1hp-coconut
haha... kinky! you're an awesome author and i love the way you made out Dean when he's drunk! haha... good one. keep it up!
10/7/2004 c1 Becca
Sam! This is so good. Keep writing and I'll keep reading/reviewing!

mucho love!
10/6/2004 c8 The Lady in Grey
Yes, very fluffy! Harry and Ginny, hell yeah, its just gotta be! They make the cutest couple i think! I'm enjoying the story heaps!

Love u lots, don't let the hurricanes bash u around too much!
10/6/2004 c8 Alex


This story is great!

I've just finished reading it..and i decided to contribute for the cause!

please...write the next chapter!

10/6/2004 c8 1Inherent
Aw... This is really cute! ^_^ I added it to my fav. stories list!

10/6/2004 c8 AnythingButThis
Hey, great chapter, update soon!
10/6/2004 c8 kRiSSi
o! very interesting story! luv the fluff! =D update soon! or until u get 400 reviews but who knows how long that'll take?
10/6/2004 c8 alanah
i just love your latest chapter! its great! i love the way they are so in character! its awesome. please dont wait for 400 reviews! thats too long! i cant wait that long! just write one ASAP!
10/5/2004 c8 10LaurenMSL

10/5/2004 c8 broadwayjavajunkie
hey! loved the fluff. keep the updates commin.

ps: how old are they in this fic? i'm sure you mentioned it but i'm too lazy to go back and check.
10/5/2004 c8 2Isilme Kementari
oh oh oh! it's os deliciously wonderful! no matter how busy you are you MUST write more of this! its so utterly fantastic! oh how i wish Ron were mine... *sigh* :) you write the characters so well...

COME ON NOW PEOPLE! I WANT 400 REVIEWS BEFORE MONDAY! I can't bear a long wait for the next chappy! :D

10/5/2004 c8 1orlifan18
very romantic. they are so in love. get them married or something. hehe. great job
10/4/2004 c8 3the blond one
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