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for All I Know

10/4/2004 c8 Dez
Very, very excellent. I loved it. Keep on writing!
10/4/2004 c8 8Lady Voldything
this is a good story, but being a review whore won't help. You're not gonna get 100 reviews in one chapter, so give it up. A demanding author turns people away. Just my advice.
10/4/2004 c8 6Tanja88
Sweet it's a very lovely fic..

it's very very cute..




10/4/2004 c8 1Drpeppergirl472
I love this story you need to update very soon

Lot's of love

10/4/2004 c8 29justanormalgirl357
damn thats hot! This story is realy realy realy good. I love ron/hermine. there are perfect together and this story is fantastic. I like that there is some harry/ginny in it. they are my second fav couple. And i love the pet names. well i dont particualy care for poppet but it's ok. I absolutaly adore that ron calls hermione love. omg if i would get a bayfriend and he would call me love...*swoon* i would die of happyness. i also like her calling him darling. its cute.I love that this story has a boat load of fluff. It's my fac kind of story. fluff + more fluf = the best story ever. it's also kinda naughty. love it! well i think this is my longest review. sry if it too long i just love this story. chao. hope the next chapy is up soon. :)
10/4/2004 c8 wdge
enjoying it-are H/G going anywhere?
10/4/2004 c8 1sophiethedevil
This story is doing really well! Just continue as it is but tone down the pet names cause they get annoying sometimes.


10/4/2004 c8 13portmanroxsmysoxs
I love it! You always have THE best updates! I love your story...I love George! I thought the whole drunkeness thing was hilarious. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon, okay? I'm slowly dying away with lack of chapterness...

GREAT JOB - portmanroxsmysoxs
10/3/2004 c8 4Melaly
I love this! How you can make each update better than the next is absolutely amazing to me. This is my favorite story on the site right now!
10/3/2004 c8 1Ascamelien
Awesome! This story is my fave H/R fic ever! Keep the chapters comin'!
10/3/2004 c8 Meve
Loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it
10/3/2004 c7 koolkayhottie
awesome story please keep writing great talent

enjoyed the plot
10/3/2004 c8 Joe-Jen


10/3/2004 c8 alli8
not bad, very skanky but not bad.


please review soon
10/3/2004 c8 3my1-and-only i hope you get them- the chapter was great. keep up the great work!
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