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for All I Know

10/3/2004 c8 jenn
The story is awsome!

More people need to review, so you can update soon! but dont torture us for too long -.-

Keep updating! plz
10/2/2004 c8 piratingspiderelf
damn that was a good chapter. i really like this story. hopefully you'll update soon. great job.
10/2/2004 c8 sg360girl
the BEST! EVER! I love this story... It was excellent, perfect, just-the-right-amount kind of fluff. But one thing is that your story is GREAT enough on it's own, so I don't think you really need to be asking for 400 reviews. Its sort of unfair as it is, isnt it? That if we dont do it, then you wont post? I promise you, thousands of ppl read your story but dont review... so ur def. popular... I love this story...
10/2/2004 c8 1CharlotteMHolmes
AH! GREAT CHAPTER! That was lol. The scene where Ron and Hermione were undressing were great. I am so glad that Hermione and Ron are finally togeather! Their diogue is hilarious.

400 reviews are so many! But I am adding mine so we can all get the next chapter, lol.
10/2/2004 c8 3punkdndisorderly
FLUFF! I love Fluff! Its so cute! hehe and Ginny and Harry, yay! Was that some Parvati Dean in there too? LOVE THE STORY!
10/2/2004 c1 Natalie
HEY! Great chapter. You need to update again! 400 is a lot to ask for, lol. We are waiting
9/30/2004 c7 Aisha00
plz plz update soon .

Write stuff about ginny and harry~~!
9/30/2004 c7 1sugarspun
please, please, update... i am desparate for another chappie!
9/26/2004 c7 TimidRaven
This is so awsome so far! please update really soon! I wanna know what happens!
9/26/2004 c7 xxAllixx
Love it! Best R/H fic ive read! Please post more soon! Im dieing here!
9/26/2004 c7 alanah
i love your fic! its awsome! keep goin' gurl!
9/25/2004 c7 1hp-coconut
me gusta mucho! lol... espanol for i like it a lot! keep up the good work and i hope to see an update soon!
9/22/2004 c7 Miss Court-A-Doo
You cannot be serious. How about 300 reviews?

PLEASE DON'T MAKE US WAIT TOO LONG! I need another update soon!



great fic, babe. luv it! -grin-
9/22/2004 c7 17nattieb
What a great story please you have to update again soon. you can leave me hanging like this. Great tension building up here! Cant wait for more. Hurry!
9/21/2004 c6 Aisha00
Yea, i just love it. what a fantastic story..!

Love it

love it
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