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9/19/2004 c7 1Ebony-Rose21
great story i loved it but 400 reveiws is alot anyway i think it is a great story write some more.
9/19/2004 c7 stbqt
Your story is great! Please update!
9/19/2004 c7 jen
good continue
9/19/2004 c7 Shelly
OMG! That was awesome.. How dare you leave us hanging for a while! Ack! Thi fanfic keeps getting better and better. Hurry and Update! Maybe a bit more snogging? I dont know, Its your fan-fic!
9/18/2004 c7 33angelps7
i like it! i donno what else to say cuz im half asleep.. not like that! i mean not in a bored way, i just got like 2 hours of sleep last nite so i can barely keep my eyes open lol but it was a good chapter!
9/18/2004 c7 1gabster-amy
I like this fic and I can't wait to see what happens!

9/18/2004 c7 2Becks Marie
Awesome Story! about time they got together.. i love when you have the flashbacks! CAn't wait for the next chapter!
9/18/2004 c1 9Madame Hardy

More please...

It was fab,
9/17/2004 c7 Valerie
I absolutely love your is one of the best ones i have read. I am an absolute R/Hr fan!... Please continue writing the story. I cant wait to see wat is going to happen next
9/17/2004 c7 3PiningOverPadfoot
Oy! This story is bloody BRILLIANT! Update ASAP!
9/17/2004 c7 jenn
well the story is great.

But about the fluffy questions...I think its just fluffy enough!
9/17/2004 c7 13portmanroxsmysoxs
Um...that was WONDERFUL! I love your story! One of the best Ron/Hermione fics I've ever read, seriously. Update soon! Please? I'm begging you!

9/17/2004 c7 stephmioneandron4life.just not signed in
i really like it. i think it's brilliant...sometimes you've just gotta have fun, and loosen up, and it seems to me like that's exactly what she's doing. one thing i was kinda sorta surprised about though, was when ron called her a 'vixen' and she ran off, i wasn't really expecting that to be her reaction...i mean, she listens to heavy medal, and 'The Darkness' and fools around with ron and 'sleeps' with him, and yet she runs off when he calls her a seems to me like hermione would've just taken it as a joke by the way this story's going...

but please don't get me wrong, because i absolutely LOVE this story. i just wanted to share my oppinion with you, i hope you don't mind! great job!

*Yours Sincerely*

9/17/2004 c7 17Charming Visions
Sammy! Sigh...such a wonderful fic, Hermione and Ron belong together. I'm adding to your reviews...hopefully making it like 278 or 279. Anyway, wasn't that hurricane grand fun? I slept right through it. I can't wait to start my Harry/Ginny ship, I'm writing the epilogue to Rent tonight, and then it's all Harry Potter. Tell me when school begins to calm down, for I fear it never will.

-Farley (by the way, I know I'm a favorite author so add me dangit!)
9/17/2004 c7 4Melaly
I absolutely love The Postal Service. This story just keeps getting better and better.. it's so cute how you made them sit on the armchair and tell about when they first liked each other.. aww.. I want a boyfriend now. Update soon!
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