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9/16/2004 c7 HC4826
NO! How could you end it there? HOW? I want to know what happens. I like it in this chapter when Hermione said that they slept together and all the music stopped *laughter* hahaha, that was funny.
9/16/2004 c7 3PlasticPlastic
It's an excellent story which I've been reading for a long time, but I don't see how she would've taken offense at that so much unless Ron said it in a way that she would take offense at it, at which point I doubt he would say it at all.

I'm not even sure if that makes sense.
9/16/2004 c7 Ice.Cream.Luver
yay! you updated...keep writing this is really really good!

ron and hermione are the best!
9/16/2004 c7 5Elladora D. Jobberknoll
Hmm... first thing I saw was "A Galleon that Hermione runs away." My thoughts- Have a little faith Harry! Still have to read the chapter to find out! Ginny...with a coin purse... under her skirt... interesting... "Millicent Bullstrode and those random fifth years aren't exactly worthy of praiseā€¦" hee hee. "Remind me to ask you to flutter your eyelashes at Harry when the Nimbus 2006 comes out." Excellent line.

Sorry I am so giggly I can't even think straight! Can't think of anything to say, except brilliant! -Giggle- Giggle- -Giggle-! Good luck with the hurricane! Don't go out in 90 mile an hour winds!
9/16/2004 c7 1CharlotteMHolmes
400 REPLIES? Thats crazy woman, lol. This chapter was great! Hermione and Ron really are made for each other
9/16/2004 c7 mione888
great chapter. Hope u see more soon.
9/16/2004 c7 5shnazzy jazzy
i love this story! it's so cute! please continue!
9/16/2004 c7 1I wish your heart was mine
i really liked it! just enough fluff too! lol. cant wait for the next update!
9/16/2004 c7 Maggie
Hey that is the best thing I thik I have ever read on fanfiction it was amazing and you are extrodinarily talented please keep updating!
9/16/2004 c7 6Chrissy-Weasley
Please Oh please continue, I love it! Poor Harry having to watch his friends err... tell each other stuff. Mwhaahaa... please continue. I heard aboutthat hurricane in the news way too bad.
9/16/2004 c7 7Miss Court-A-Doo
wow great posts - but 400? You're crazy - and brilliant!
9/16/2004 c7 7unicornsrock5
It is my Strong belief that there is no such thing as too much fluff. that was funny and fluffy my favorite kind. so i think u should go rite more NOW hinthint nugehuge winkink coughcough saysosayso

9/16/2004 c7 lewisa
Wow! That's such a great story! Update now! Don't wait until you get 400 reviews. I can't stand the suspense!
9/16/2004 c7 2Isilme Kementari
*banishes the hurricane to darkest peru! then steals you away to a darkened (but not too dark) room and forces you to write!* RIGHT! write more! now! please? :) i MUST have more! tis too good! this must be 400? right? right? *sobs* come on people! review! do it for your Queen and country! :D

9/15/2004 c6 sballLuvr5
ah...that was great! when i was reading this i started to kind of giggle and my sister was looking at me like i was crazy! lol...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon!

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