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for All I Know

9/5/2004 c6 8Brooke Monica
I really really like this story! It's very cute and even if they ae OOC they are great charcters.

you know you love me,

9/5/2004 c6 lovin the fic
230? Come on ppl I want an installment! Loved every minute of it. Funny and fluffy, all round great fic.

9/5/2004 c6 lisa
i am absolutely loving this story. I don't think i can wait for the next instalment. keep writing as you're very good at it.
9/5/2004 c6 Phoenix
tht was really good...keep updatin...
9/5/2004 c6 3Chrismukkah-hunnie
good good! loved it! that was killer! cant wait 4 more!

9/5/2004 c6 doxy
Wow! This is a REALLY good fic! I thought that last chapter was the end but then you said you would update soon, I hope you do, I can't wait to see what happens next! You're a really good writer, hope to read lots more!

B.T.W. I laughed so much during the last chapter, because my first kiss was to a Darkness song too! 'Cept mines was 'Growing on Me' which seems a bit more appropriate. Actually, who am I kidding it so isn't! lol!
9/5/2004 c6 alli8
hay, um well u need to update faster! and what will happen next with them are they going to go on to hogwarts dateing?

9/5/2004 c5 Steph
Hey! OMG I LOVE your FIC! Lol really keep going I think its great...especially the Ron being so jealous..and acting so sweet! Please keep going it the best! Will they ever actually admitt their love to eachother?
9/5/2004 c6 Cathy
I'm enjoying reading your story. Look forward to finding out what happens with Ron and Hermione now that they have finally kissed.
9/5/2004 c6 2Isilme Kementari
cute cute cute! is that 230 reviews yet? oh come HAVE to update soon! its too good not to!

9/5/2004 c6 KateM
I do like this story. I think Hermione and Ron are a little OOC, but I imagine them as being a little older. They are so very cute together.
9/5/2004 c6 sasha
Heh,I like your story.Update soon.:)
9/5/2004 c5 RHrFan315
Too, too cute! I absolutely LOVE this story! I'm a huge fan of Ron/Hermione fics and this was definately one of the best, if not the best, ones I've ever read! Its so fluffy- absolutely perfectly fluffy! Your a great writer and I love this fic! Keep up the good work! Post the next chapter soon!
9/5/2004 c6 1Hermione Granger63
Wonderful chapter! Keep it up!

-Hermione Granger63
9/5/2004 c3 galiemme
love it so love it
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