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9/4/2004 c6 1OExpecto PatronumO
Very nice fluff, I'm among the crowd of onlookers whistling and yelling 'FINALLY!'...that was a long time in coming, you did it very nicely. :)
9/4/2004 c6 crazyone18
keep it comming I love this story and of all the songs in the world it had to be 'I believe in a thing called love'good greif
9/4/2004 c6 5Elladora D. Jobberknoll
Love, love, love Fred and George's invitation! Hilarious! Fudge and Lockhart wrote a book? Genius! What a read! Draco a charming bloke? Not likely. I highly doubt that Draco would turn his father in. -shrugs- You may have noticed I have utmost loathing for Draco ahem... Malfoy and really find anything saying he's beaten by his father and/or really wanting to turn good utter bull. Anyway enough ragging on Malfoy! Love love love Harry/Seamus/Dean/Neville/ and Ron talking before the ball! Very funny. Loved "Apparently, George had already started getting sloshed. He was laughing hysterically at nothing at all." Yay Harry's there! I was just thinking where's Harry? Will he be at the party? When Ron shoved the black-haired bloke out of the way I was like "Oh crap it's Harry. Oops for Ron." Ron is hilariously protective of Ginny ain't he? Merlin he kissed her! He actually kissed her! Isn't it sweet Ron's grown up! -Tear!- They'd been whistling and screaming FINALLY ofr 20 Minutes? -Wags eyebrows- Yeah I would agree that's it's OOC but still good!
9/4/2004 c3 99 Red Balloons
God I love this story... I love the *punk* feel to it, cuz I am a bit of one myself... I hope school is going well for you.

And true to my punkish self, Im getting my tongue pierced this winter! Sorry, thats off topic but i needed to share the news, lol.
9/4/2004 c5 99 Red Balloons
oh, and to add to my earlier review, i sincerely hope that the next chapter will start off from where Chapter 6 ended.

Oh, and how long are you planning on making this story? Until the start of Hogwarts or till the end of summer? are you gonna fast forward in ann epilogue to show them married with kids and good careers?
9/4/2004 c6 99 Red Balloons
ohmyfreakingGod this is worth 10 reviews! FINALLY! They kissed. So freaking sexy. and all the while during their dance, I was like KISS KISS KISS... this chapter was PERFECT...

you should do a flashback on how they came to be so comfortable touching each other so much and stuff, like little by little...
9/4/2004 c6 3punkdndisorderly
aww yay! Fluff! I love Fluff! Hermione and Ron are a good pairing! I cant wait for the next chapter!
9/4/2004 c5 Justme
ME likes! In the words of Oliver Twist "Please Sir I want summore!" Ok ok I know it should be Ma'am but political correctness aside Historical accuracy comes into play... Sorry I'm rambling.
9/3/2004 c5 sg360girl
i just submitted 5 reviews... you'll have 200 in no time, so please PLEASE update this soon! You did it so often and then you slowed down, cause of school I guess, but just remember that you have a lot of FANS who love your story. It was perfect. Not too much fluff, dont worry. Although both ron and Hermione are out of Character, I love the way they are in this story.
9/3/2004 c4 sg360girl
spooning? lol, i think it wouldve been sexier if she laid down on TOP of him... oh how sexy! please update as soon as possible.
9/3/2004 c3 sg360girl
poor sick Hermione... ooh, but such a sexy Ron! Please update soon!
9/3/2004 c2 sg360girl
So much chemistry. its killing ME!
9/3/2004 c1 sg360girl
ah... i love this story...
9/2/2004 c5 13portmanroxsmysoxs
8/31/2004 c5 Ice.Cream.Luver
yay, chapter 5! please, PLEASE! get chapter 6 up soon! I just love the fluff :P !
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