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8/31/2004 c5 Huggles4All
aw! omg i wanna know what happens next! this is liek, my all-time favorite fic ever! seriously! please please please get chapter 6 up soon! i love this story! *applauds* great job!
8/31/2004 c5 16MioneAndRon4life
i love it! i like how you kind of just let hermione loose a little. i think a little dose of ron was JUST what the doctor ordered. great job
8/30/2004 c5 33angelps7
hi! i really liked reading ur story, its fun to read and its cute and i cant wait til u update more! :)
8/30/2004 c5 4Adnama
Great story! Please update soon!
8/30/2004 c5 sparklingteeth
No, there IS such thing as too much fluff. Luckily you aren't at that point which is great. (Some authors tend to go WAY overboard and then it just becomes cheezy moosh.) I love your style of writing. Plenty of witty jokes, always kept me laughing. Now I know this is Fanfic but I just have to make a wee comment about the "darling", "love" thingie. I don't think Hermione would ever really use those names with Ron...she'd think they were kinda dumb. More something Lavender or someone like that would use. I'm sorry I had to say it, I know I'm a bum. :( But I really do love your story. Please keep updating! I'm excited to read about the surprises the rest of the summer holds for those two love birds! Oh wait...and can you explain one thing? Ok I know Hermione and Malfoy have been spending some time together cuz of Prefect stuff...but is there something that made Draco have a change of heart? Cuz I can't imagine that JUST being on hall duty would ever make him be able to actually STAND Hermione. He's an evil little munchkin. What made him good? Thanks, LOVE. Cheers.
8/30/2004 c5 1darkslytherin88
beautiful chapter. Actually all ur chapters were really good. But i would prefer more FLUFF! hehe...keep on updating and i'll keep reviewing!...=]

8/30/2004 c5 7unicornsrock5
There is no such thing as to much fluff were ron and hermione are concerned. i LOVED it. Ur funny as usual. Spying on them hehehe.


Lynetta Keladry Loloski
8/29/2004 c5 1LiSsY2305
totally cool

i urge you to write

constant reader,

8/29/2004 c5 15To Many Words
I can't wait for the next chapter. YaY!
8/29/2004 c5 3the blond one
love it.
8/29/2004 c5 1clubbananna
this story is the best! i love it! its quite amusing actually... anyways keep writing plz? pretty plz with sugar on top? plz plz plz plz plz? PLZ?
8/29/2004 c5 4Melaly
As good as ever. When do we get to the kissing?
8/29/2004 c5 Beth
Like it. A lot. Now go right more. Off you go.
8/29/2004 c5 Angela
luv it!...when are they actually gonna realize wat they feel for each other?
8/29/2004 c5 AnythingButThis
Hey! I love your story. And I love the "Big Hands" comments, ha ha. Sorry, I kinda have this little joke with a friend, but that makes this story even funnier. Oh, and there's no such thing as too much fluff. ;)
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