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for All I Know

3/3/2006 c1 1RainDateChick
ok, seeing as how this is the second time i've read this story, i'll tell you again that I LOVE THIS FIC! When I stumbled upon it for the second time, I initially didn't realize that it was the same story, and decided to read it because of the title, which is very similar to the title of a kenny chesney song called "All I Need to Know," which i will now proceed to quote:

Darlin', say it one more time

You will forever be mine

Thats all I need to know

In a world where most things come and go

I'll always have you to hold

And thats all I need to know

TADA! lol anywho... so just thought i'd let you know that after reading this fic for a second time, its still equally amazing!

2/26/2006 c16 2luckiclover317
what can i is in the air. as in, i love the epilouge, and love the idea of a sequel. because with mrs. weasley and granger planning a wedding at the burrow near the twins, OF COURSE chaos will happen.
2/21/2006 c16 24Belestrange
Aw. I just found this story. Sorry I didn't review every chapter- but I couldn't stop long enough to leave a response. Seriously- It's addicting. I cried when Ron asked Hermione to marry him. Great job!
1/20/2006 c16 10StarrCat
*Votes for sequel*
1/20/2006 c12 StarrCat
O lala! Can't wait to see what McGinagall has up her sleeve!
1/20/2006 c6 StarrCat
There was never a more futile attempt at anything.

^That part was hilarious, so well said

AND the Harry part made me double over with laughter!

1/20/2006 c2 StarrCat
You write really smartly, keep up teh awesomeness!
1/20/2006 c1 StarrCat
LOL, I LOVE this! You really think through how things happened, that's awesome. And it's nice to see a good interpretation of how Hermione's parents act. :)
1/1/2006 c3 cucu4cocopuffs
i loved it! U2 is awesome by the
12/24/2005 c16 7YourBeautifulDisaster
please have a sequel! this story is so good and funny and stuff i love it and all the british talk really adds something special. love it!
12/22/2005 c16 8Zarroc
awesome story, i really liked it, so i'm not to sure if you've started the sequel yet... but you should, cuz this one was so good, the sequel is going to be equally as good, keep reading and writing

12/8/2005 c15 Jack
sequel ... sequel ... sequel ... sequel ... sequel!

(u get my drift we want a sequel!)
12/7/2005 c16 da-drama-queen
i liked that ending. something amusing to snap you back into the comedy
12/7/2005 c8 da-drama-queen
nice 'land down under' gag. (says the aussie)
12/7/2005 c16 Jack
Oh My God!

I stumbled upon your story when i searched harry potter story in Google, this is an amazing version of harry potter and has all the twists and turns i would expect after reading the other harry potter books. I had always predicted Ron and Hermione getting together and glad it finally happened in your version of the book. Congratulations on writing an excellent story!

P.S i have my fingers crossed for a sequel so i would love to hear from you if you write a new one
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