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for Assassin's Hope

11/24/2012 c9 jessica
I can not wait for you to finish the story put shippo in the next chapter.
5/20/2010 c4 11Haku's Lover18
Please update soon. This fanfic is really good.
9/24/2009 c8 Haku's Lover18
Please update! I really love this story!
5/27/2009 c9 Haku's Lover18
Please add a new chapter. I love this story. I realy want to know what happens to Kagome and Inuyasha.
8/23/2007 c1 PrinessKeylolo
Your story is really great! it seems that inu and kags is getting along nicely even shessy and rin, in there on weird way! LOL
7/30/2007 c8 X-19A Infinite Justice
this is a pretty good story so far I wonder what will happen in the next chapter :O
7/1/2007 c8 Jess
I love the story. I like how you made. Hope u update soon.
6/30/2007 c7 Amanda
It is very good, even though it's a little over-used. The basic plot that is. Please update and/or email me!
2/23/2007 c7 2inuloveryasha
Please update this story. It is really good and you can't just leave us at such an important part of the story.
11/23/2006 c7 3Ro0tin4Kagome
This story is incredible.

u need to write that next chapter .. asap

Its just gettin so good now plus it also means they can mate now since its been awaken yet she stil needs to keep it pure gosh! i hae so many unaswered questions! please update

go0d luck wit the story , life evry thing

r4k / Tracey :]
11/23/2006 c5 Ro0tin4Kagome
Wow! Who would have know Kagome would do such things.

Im so0o Proud of her! lo, ^-^
11/23/2006 c2 Ro0tin4Kagome
0o snapp i just luv the drama!
11/23/2006 c1 Ro0tin4Kagome
this first chapter rocks.. u deserve move reviews!
7/9/2006 c7 2Your Midnight Lullaby
make more 4 me please! i loved it!
6/22/2006 c7 Subtle Serenity
This story is absolutely wonderful. I love it! I really hope u update this soon, but i myself know how sometimes life can get u really caught up, and things like e-mail, websites, and fics just can't compete with real life. You're right. Fics DON'T pay the bills. You do. If they could, I would be debt free. So don't let work get ya down, instead try organizing so you'll have more free time to do things you love, like write, because you really shouldn't drop a good fic like this one. So update soon! (P.S. If your upstairs neighbor sound like elephant's having sex, try to piss them off to, like turning up your sterio to the MAX! It'll make them angry and they'll get the message. If that don't work, do it the old fashioned way, walk up there and cuss them out!) Anyway, update!
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