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for Kagome's Courage

12/26/2004 c7 3Kagome92111
that chapter was awesome! i loved it! please please please update soon, i'll be checking back. :D
12/1/2004 c7 12Demonchild93
Just wait until Naraku is taking a shower then like in the movie Physco (sp?) Inuyasha pulls back the curtains and stab Naraku over and over with the creepy music in the back ground! MUWHAHAHA Yes I'm crazy.

Inuyasha and Kagome moments a very sweet...young love *sigh*

Great story! Keep on writing!
11/17/2004 c7 7Kagome lover
GREAT CHAPTER! inu is fineally back yay!

11/13/2004 c7 1inuchick06
wow i would have never though of anything so...so...creative.

please contyine and thanks for undrstanding about the whole mess up internet service it turned out that the new web was blocking the review page.

anyway that answered some of my questions...but arisen new ones too. like were the hell did narakru

slide off to and when will kagome tell inuyasha and the others about what narakru did to her and how she escaped but with your grand writting (that sounded lame huh? lol) anyway please contuine and i hope my questions can be answered

11/13/2004 c7 Danyel
I just loved the story. Please keep writing the next chapter of the story. Thanks!
11/13/2004 c7 MysticArchangel
wow, wow. NICE! though... can you give your fellow reviewers a spoiler?

No, l'm joking. I'll just see
11/13/2004 c7 cheeses and snaps
Aww you're the nicest auther ever i'm glad you didn't do that evil kikiyo thing i was just wondering... ohh wel (wears a big smile) hope you make the next chappie just as good or better your choice !
11/13/2004 c7 Tobias To Lazy to Log In
This was great! I can't wait for the next chapter... we'll? Hurry up!
10/23/2004 c6 6Eleature
really cool story. Update soon!
10/19/2004 c6 cheeses and snaps
that would be funny to me anyway if he remebered kikyo and only kikyo LOL 0.0 !
10/19/2004 c6 12Demonchild93
woot! I love your story it is so awesome! Naraku is a fag I'll tell you that much! hehe
10/18/2004 c6 35Tobias
Great job - I can't wait for me.
10/18/2004 c6 7Kagome lover
OMG they fineally found inu! I hope he doesn't hurt them! *_*
9/19/2004 c5 Kagome lover
great 2 chapters! please update soon!

i can't wait till they find inuyasha.
9/18/2004 c5 35Tobias
I like this story alot!
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