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for Trying Times

1/13/2005 c1 Lissewen
This is good, You wrote BA, Murdock, and Face really well, but Hannibal seemed kinda ooc to me. I can understand BA being mad at Murdock and Face one minute and cool with it the next, but Hannibal doesn't seem like he'd change his mind that fast. Other than that, this is an awesome fic! You are talented, creative, wonderful, brilliant, magnificent, clever, ...(damn! I can't think of any more adjectives. If you keep writing like this, I might have to get a thesaurus just to tell you how awesome you are.)
2/6/2002 c1 Georgia
Okay I didn't like the head beating part, but once I got past that, it was VERY sweet. I liked it all the way around seeing Hannibal and BA taking it not quite so calm. Thanks for letting me read and review this...


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