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9/4/2007 c1 6Wildfire's Flame
Thank you for not making Face die. I was really thinking that there was no way Murdock was going to get him back from the icy depths of the snow. He's lucky that Murdock was able to find him. I loved the story. I wish there was a bit more to it though. And I would like to see how BA and Hannibal react to the news as well. Plus, was there any aftereffects? How long was he actually buried alive? And what were Murdock's thoughts as he hunted for the blond? Wrinkles nose in thought. Love the story.
1/13/2005 c1 Lissewen
WOW! I am speechless! I can't find the words to describe the absolute awesomeness of this fic!
5/17/2001 c1 55Visage
Awwwww! That was cute! I loved it! (great suprise twist at the end!) Groovy job! I LOVED it!

3/16/2001 c1 gmb
again a wonderful piece. you write very well. keep it up hann. :) i just love the dialogue. it seems like you're really there experiencing it with the characters. :) write more please.
3/14/2001 c1 Jade
I love a happy ending!

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